Monday, September 2, 2019

Labor Day weekend - Breakfast and Flight Home - Day 4

It's been a fun 4 days here in Arizona. Relaxing at the hotel. Having some tasty food. Hanging out with friends. Time to wrap this one up though.

Alli had a nice surprise for us. Turns out she'd brought some of those crayons they get in the morning out to the car and left them in the door. Those hot Arizona days promptly melted them, and overnight they solidified again. What a mess...
Luckily for me it wasn't on the carpet, and mostly on plastic. I waited until mid-afternoon when it had a chance to heat back up again before attempting to clean it. Half a pack of baby wipes and it was back to looking as good as new.

For breakfast all three families met up at Snooze, An A.M. Eatery. And thanks to Matt for getting there early enough to snag a table for 13 people. Again the adults sat together.

And the kids enjoyed each other too.

Ah, markers. Smart. Much better to travel with those than crayons.

Normally I'd gravitate towards pancakes or something like that, but I was intrigued by this Breakfast Pot Pie. Sausage gravy over puff pastry and a sunny-side up egg. I don't know what is "pot pie" about this, but nevertheless, it was tasty.

What happens when you get a bunch of Disney-loving kids together? Adorableness is what happens. Unprompted they broke into singing Disney songs together. And multiple patrons and servers came over to tell us how cute they were.

Thanks guys for taking time out of your day to hang out with us! See you again next time you visit California!

Great seeing everyone.

Back at the hotel, we've got a couple hours before we need to go to the airport. To the pool!
At the slide, the lifeguard was having fun with a water pitcher and the kids. She's splash the kids while they were standing there waiting to go on the slide.

Or douse them.

And when they were walking up the path to get to the slide, she'd surprise them with a shower from above too. They loved it.

More relaxing in the lazy river.

And more playing in the bigger pool.

We packed quickly and had no problems getting to the airport.

The kids had a fun time.

And of course we've got to visit with the pilot.

It's fun that they get excited about things like this and look forward to it on every trip.

And that wraps up our fun Labor Day weekend. Everyone enjoyed the get-away and it was nice not even thinking about work or school for the whole weekend.

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  1. Always mixed emotions when ending a relaxing, enjoyable vacation...sad goodbyes and missing the fun that was had, but also glad to come home again (minus the chores and work, of course!). What a great way to end the trip...breakfast with the two Arizona families, and all the kids enjoying each other and sharing some sing-along Disney songs! Guess it was a "pot pie" because it had a pastry crust that was used as the "pot" portion, instead of the top least it was delicious :-) Thank goodness for the versatility of baby wipes! What a fun, full weekend. EOM