Friday, September 13, 2019

National Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day - September 13th

I really like the National Days where I can get the kids involved and today is perfect!
It's National Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day!

Alli and Ian are no strangers to the kitchen. They're wanting to help out as much as we'll let them. Today they're going to be in charge of the meals (with some leading suggestions from Daddy).
Lunchtime! The corn dogs are in the oven and the kids are picking out their sides.
Alli rinsing some blueberries for everyone.

And Ian getting some strawberries prepped.

We got an introduction to knife skills. Keeping the fingers out of the way and pulling the knife instead of pressing straight down.

Getting some baby carrots to go with their meal.

And making, according to Ian, "orange sour and sweet sauce" for their corn dogs. Ian - the mustard is sour and the ketchup is sweet. And when you mix them together you get orange.

They were proud of themselves for making their own lunch.

And who doesn't love a good corn dog.

Someone must be going through a growth spurt because he ate 2 corn dogs and everything else on his plate.

And we're not celebrating just a half-day here. No sir. The kids are in charge of dinner too, cooking for Mommy and Daddy. One of their specialties is hamburgers. They split the duties between the wet ingredients and the dry ingredients, rotating who gets what job each time.

Ian is getting better and better at cracking eggs. Today he successfully cracked it and didn't get any shell in it!

The more Worcestershire sauce the better according to them. And neither of them like liquid smoke.

Alli's turn to add the dry ingredients.

And we're not afraid to get dirty either. Gotta squish it all together with our hands to mix it up.

Ian finishing it off.

Along with our hamburgers we'll have some tasty sides. Like corn that the kids will shuck themselves.

Alli - We're not saving the corn silk?
Not today girlie. Their grammy likes to make tea out of it sometimes, but not right now.

Ian is being very careful to pour the Velveeta shells into the boiling water.

The kids may be in charge of the kitchen, but Daddy mans the grill. I cooked up their tasty burgers and brought them back inside so Alli could add cheese to them.

Corn is done! The kids also set the table with plates and silverware.

Time to finish that macaroni and cheese. Alli squeezed in all the sauce.

And Ian learned how to combine it, using a stirring and folding technique.

Guys, you did an amazing job making dinner! This is going to be so good!

Theresa and I both gave them 4.5 stars out of 5 on their dinner. Ian gave himself 5 stars, while Alli thought they deserved 11 stars.

Alli - Daddy, I can take your plate for you!

That's right. Kids are in charge of cleanup too!

Awesome job guys! Dinner was delicious!

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  1. Chefs-in-the-making...Ian & Alli really took over the kitchen (prepping, cooking, & cleaning) and did a great job...great way to develop another life skill...definitely "11 stars" for effort and results! Like Ian's name for his very own sauce specialty, "orange sour & sweet sauce" :-) Never knew about corn silk tea and its health benefits (had to do a little search on it)...nice tidbit there. Oh yes, Alli has a cute Halloween outfit on, too...stylish even in the kitchen :-) Fun cooking day! EOM