Monday, September 30, 2019

National Chewing Gum Day - September 30th

Whether you're an avid chewer going through packs a day, the occasional chewer, or never chew it, today is the day to celebrate gum on National Chewing Gum Day.

We hit our local 99 cent store and grabbed a few bags of different kinds.

These are the gums I remember getting after baseball games growing up. And it's probably been about that long since I've had some of these. I had forgotten how these start out pretty hard, and it takes a bit of jaw power to work it into a soft chewable piece.

The whole family getting in on it.

In all, there were 6 different flavors to try. Alli, how many pieces do you have in your mouth?

Six? Wow. That's impressive.

And here's what you can do with 4 pieces.


  1. Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaa...that's a big bubble for only 4 pieces...wonder if any of the kids were tempted to pop it! :-) Don't know how Alli managed to chew 6...that's a lot of jaw exercise there! Can either Ian or Alli blow a bubble yet?...I remembered how I had to work on learning how to blow a bubble after seeing my older siblings blow one! The first bubble gum I ever tried was the rectangular Bazooka gum in the red/white/blue that time they were only a penny each, and included a little comic strip wrapped around the gum...think I enjoyed reading the comic strip more than chewing the gum at times! EOM

    1. Oh yes. Any time I produce a giant bubble I have to watch out for little hands swooping in to pop it.
      No, neither can blow a bubble yet. I'm not a big gum chewer, though Theresa is. They very rarely get gum if they're hanging out with me, so they haven't had much opportunity.
      This post also got me thinking of all the bubble gum kinds I've had. Like Razzles (candy that turns into gum), Big League Chew, or Bubble Yum. I also had a friend remind me of the old Bubble Jugs, which had little bits of gum and powder that you poured into your mouth. Good times.