Sunday, May 26, 2019

Ian loses his first tooth!

For the past couple weeks now, Ian has had a wiggly tooth. And any time you look over at him, he's usually wiggling it. Finally on this trip to Michigan it started getting really loose.

Read on for the rest.

Does the Tooth Fairy come to Michigan? And what does the Tooth Fairy bring you?

Finally it was time for the big event. He wanted to make sure we did it while everyone was around in Michigan, so right after celebrating Ethan's birthday, he asked me to pull it out for him.
That little tooth was slippery but after a couple tries (and one brave kid whose eyes were watering a little), that tooth finally came out!
And everyone watching cheered loud for him.

Getting his first look at himself with a gap in his smile.

At bedtime it was time to prepare for the Tooth Fairy. Pop Pop and him watched a video of what happens to everyone's baby teeth after the Tooth Fairy takes them. Turns out they become stars in the night sky.

Under the pillow and ready for the morning.

When he woke up the next morning, he checked with T. "Mommy is it time to get up?" (a recurring question at our house for this little morning person). After hearing yes, he asked "Mommy, can I look under my pillow?" Go for it Ian!

He was really excited to see that he had a bill instead of a coin! And it was $5!
I asked him what he was going to buy with it. "Play-doh or clay." Sounds great buddy. Congratulations!


  1. Ouuuuuuuuuuch!!!! Ian was definitely calm and brave! I don't recall ever looking forward to a loose tooth being pulled out!!! What a generous Tooth Fairy, too! :-) EOM

    1. And now he's looking for even more loose teeth. Someone likes to save money.