Saturday, May 11, 2019

Orange Vanilla Coca-Cola and an Orange Cream Soda Taste Test

After 12 years, Coca-Cola recently announced a brand new flavor. Orange Vanilla Coke!
It wasn't a question of whether we would be trying it. It was a question of what we would be trying it with. A friend suggested pitting it against other Orange Cream sodas and I thought that was an excellent idea.

I was able to find 4 other kinds of Orange Cream sodas, plus I couldn't help but get the original Creamsicle bars that these are trying to imitate. Let's get tasting!

Let's get tasting!
Everyone got a cup and I poured an ounce or so of each flavor for them.
While the kids comments were mostly things like "too fizzy" the adults had stronger opinions.

You'd think the 4 different sodas couldn't be all that different, but surprisingly, they were.

From our most favorite to our least favorite.
Orange Vanilla Coke - I was expecting a stronger orange and vanilla flavor, but the cola was still very prominent. T said it reminded her of the German soda called Mezzo Mix, that we've tried a few times now. It used to even be a flavor choice at Epcot's Club Cool.
Stewarts Orange'n Cream - It wasn't my favorite, but it was the favorite of the rest of the tasters. The orange flavor was very sharp. Much stronger than the other flavors we tried.
Hank's Orange Cream Soda - My favorite. It wasn't as carbonated as the others. It was a bit sweeter and to me it tasted much creamier than the others.
Virgil's Orange Creamsoda - "This tastes like medicine" was the comment from a couple people. How could neither of the kids finish their little cup of it?
Henry Weinhard's Orange Cream - How can you be worse than medicine flavor? I'm not sure, but this was voted to be the least favorite of the 5 we tried.

And the kids' favorite part of the taste test? The original Creamsicles of course.

The Creamsicles were my favorite part of the taste test too. Sometimes you just can't improve on the original!

And if you happened to miss it, here's that Coke commercial that introduced us to the new flavor.


  1. Never saw that commercial! What an interesting taste test...didn't know there were so many different "orange cream" sodas around. I can relate to "too fizzy"...the carbonation in sodas are just too much for me now :-) I wonder if those creamsicles taste just like the "original 50/50 bars" I grew up with (and they were yummy, too)...the description sounds the same, but the photos where everyone is enjoying them looks slightly different (i.e., the outer orange looks more "glossy" (like a fruit popsicle) instead of "creamy" from what I could remember) Nevertheless, the creamsicle still looks like a refreshing treat that's delicious to eat!! Who wouldn't want an ice cream bar over a soda? :-) EOM

    1. And even more orange cream sodas than that, but I stopped when I was forced to buy them by the 4-pack instead of being a single bottle. I haven't heard of 50/50 bars. To me the creamsicles are the classic bars I grew up with. And yes, who wants a soda when you can have a popsicle.