Monday, May 27, 2019

Happy 70th Birthday Celebration Richard and Chi!

Happy 70th birthdays Richard and Chi! Since we're in Michigan and they used to live in Michigan, a party was planned with all their friends.

Getting ready, everyone had their part. I of course had all the old photos for the picture board. The girls, Aubrey Abby and Alli, put them board together. Looks great!

And there was a ton of pre-planning to get to this point. Since it's Memorial Day, most everyone was off work and able to do a breakfast birthday celebration. Here's the kitchen crew getting prepped. There were 4 different houses with biscuits in the oven so they all came out hot and ready in the morning.

The bacon kids, getting 8 pounds of bacon ready.

Slicing up lemon pound cakes and getting all the condiments ready.

And we can't forget about the tables, chairs, tablecloths, and flowers. Nice work everyone!

Great job pulling everything together.

Alli helping to pass out drinks.

My parents even came up from Colorado to celebrate.

Chi and Richard had a lot of fun seeing all their Michigan friends again.

Let's sing Happy Birthday!

Now it's time for cake! Ian is front and center.

But this time it's because he's got a job. He's helping pass cake out to all the tables.

And Alli is helping too.

And now it's time for Ian and Alli's cake.

More photos of everyone enjoying themselves.

Amy and her mom were in the kitchen nearly the entire time. Thank you both!

Ian - What can I help with?

Alright, let's get a photo with the kids.

Comparing it to a photo from a couple years ago.

Nice job Rita, Theresa, and Donald.

Time to clean up.

Good job helping Alli.


  1. What a beautiful and wonderful birthday celebration...Happy Birthday #70, Richard and Chi...may you be blessed with many more birthdays!! It was a great team/family effort by everyone to create that special breakfast...a very loving tribute by Donald, wonder the entire family is so close and giving to others. Alli and Ian are great little helpers wherever they are! Great photos of the different people there (and in different ways) to capture those memories...I also liked that photo from "a couple of years ago" :-) Thanks for sharing a special family birthday celebration!! EOM

    1. It was a really fun celebration. They did a great job pulling everything together. We are a pretty close family and things like this only help to drive it home.