Friday, May 31, 2019

Congratulations on graduating Aubrey!

It's been a fun week in Michigan and we've got even more celebrating to do. Abby graduated last Friday, and this Friday it's Aubrey's turn!

And it wouldn't be a graduation if there weren't a bunch of people to help celebrate with her.

There she is, second under the F's.

Her senior photo being projected while we wait.

The gym opened right at 6pm, and by 6 we were already in line. We were rewarded with seats at the very front of the audience. Since there's so many kids in the class (200+) and not that many seats, there were a limited number of tickets for viewing the actual ceremony. Aubrey was able to get 9 tickets for the gym and a few more for the auditorium, where the ceremony would be projected onto a screen.

A few photos in the gym.

And a few more in the auditorium.

By 7pm, it was starting to get full.

Time for the graduates to march in.

I think she's ready to graduate.

After hearing from the principal, superintendent, class president, salutatorian, and valedictorian, it was time for the graduates to receive their diplomas.

We were kind-of on the wrong side of the stage to see that, and we weren't allowed to get up from our seats to take photos. Good thing there were official photographers taking photos for everyone.

And even though we couldn't see so good, that didn't stop us from cheering loudly when her name was called. Even the people in the auditorium were cheering.

I did catch her on the way back to her seat though.

Ladies and Gentlemen...

I present to you, your graduating class of 2019!

Congratulations Aubrey!

After everyone started to clear out, we joined back up with Aubrey and the auditorium crew.

Ian - What place did you finish?

Since there was surprisingly no one at the stage, we took the opportunity for family photos. Lots and lots of family photos.

A lot of people came out for it.

Ian helping clean up the gym while others were taking photos.

And talking with the police officers who were keeping watch over everything. Ian and Alli both got stickers to be Junior Police Officers.

And they saw a teacher holding a couple flowers and somehow convinced him that they should have those flowers. Something like "Look at him! He's got two flowers, a red one and a white one." To which he then offered one to Alli, and then Ian couldn't be left out.
The teacher said "If you're in my class in 10 years, remember that I was nice to you."

After graduation, it was time to head home and celebrate with food.

Congratulations Aubrey!

You don't have to tell Austin twice that there are cheese sticks to be had.

It was great to catch up with everyone and celebrate.


  1. fortunate the graduations weren't on the same day/time or too far apart. Congratulations Aubrey on a job well wishes on your next stage in life's journey (congrats on being part of the National Honor Society, too; that took a lot of hard work!) Really wonderful that so many family members were able to celebrate with Aubrey. So many great family photos to look back upon to relive that evening...and a great/cute photo of Alli getting "double-love graduate" kisses on each cheek :-) What a full week of celebrations and visiting with family and friends. EOM

    1. They were a week apart, so that just meant that instead of flying home, we got to spend the week with the family and enjoy all that. That double kiss on the cheek has started to become tradition with them. I have a feeling we'll be seeing that more and more.