Wednesday, May 1, 2019

A Spring Break Trip to Florida - Disney Springs

Continuing our Spring Break visit to Florida, next we went to Disney Springs! I have to say, I do like the parking garages here now. The flat parking lot didn't have near enough spaces to park.

Ian - I see money!

Time to explore! Um, Alli. I need to see.

Our first stop is the World of Disney Store. Ian knows I love hats, so he offered to try on a few for me. I have a Genie hat very similar to this one from years ago. This must be to celebrate the new movie.

And we love the Star Wars hats.

Those are great!

Alli likes the new food themed merchandise. Lollipop and Donut ears.

Cupcake ears and a little Mickey bar.

He smells like strawberries.

Our Ghirardelli back home doesn't hand out chocolate anymore. So we were very happy to discover that the shop here has chocolates.


While we were enjoying the chocolate, across the lake there was a volcano with fire going off.

Ian - It's like Tokyo!
You're right buddy, it kind of is. Good memory. Our visit to Disney Sea was way back in October.

Over at Goofy's Candy Company there's plenty of treats available in the case.

But the kids decided not to dilute their sugar with things like apple, and got sugar sticks instead.


We like to go peruse the Art Store while we're here. I'm always hoping to see something new from Allison Lefcort, but I haven't seen anything in a while.

Enjoying their snacks in front of the Christmas store.

I want that ornament and that ornament and that ornament.

For being a free place to visit, we have a pretty good time.

Just like so many Spring Break trips before, we get together and celebrate Austin's birthday.

Ian and Alli both made him a card. They always like to tape a coin to their card as a gift.

Mmm. Sprinkle cake.

With age comes wisdom. Like, don't just chalk up the pool cue. Chalk up your hand too to reduce the friction.

Might as well learn a new skill too. I taught them both the basics of juggling 3 balls while I continue my quest to learn to juggle 4.


  1. Disney Springs offers a great way to spend a morning (or afternoon/evening)...browsing and strolling...just taking it easy with different sights and sounds. Looks like Alli wanted to be your "eyes" and "guide" you with the guide map (lol)!! You're fortunate to have ready and eager "hat modelers" :-) ...the food-based merchandise is so cute (and tempting to eat almost). Like those Frozen Elsa shoes on Alli! The erupting volcano at Tokyo DisneySea must have really made an impression on Ian (along w/ a good memory) since that's the first thing he recalled when he saw a similar site at Disney Springs. So very special to see those homemade birthday cards those "made from the heart" gifts :-) Belated birthday wishes to Austin! Will need to see a short video on a juggling demo! What a great way to spend a family day! EOM

    1. You're right, Disney Springs is great for those down days. There's plenty to walk around and see, and it's easy to kill a few hours there.
      I'm way behind on my TRs. There's 2 whole weeks in Asia that I have to get through.
      Once I get 4 balls down, perhaps I'll post a video. That seems a long way away at this point.