Sunday, April 28, 2019

An Ohana day plus the first ever TikiLandDay at the Disneyland Resort

Happy Sunday! It's going to be a fun time at Disneyland today.
First, we're in an Ohana kind of mood this week. More on that after the jump.
Plus it's the first ever TikiLandDay at Disneyland. Read on!

Okay, it's clear that this is an old announcement, right? Right? Good. Okay.
Facebook occasionally shows you old posts and says "We thought you'd enjoy looking back..." Well this just happened to be the week that 4 years ago, Theresa and I made our announcement that our Ohana was going to be growing. I couldn't imagine then all the joy that would come from having another kid, and Alli is just so amazing. So that was on my mind already going into the weekend.

And I know it's TikiLandDay this Sunday. I don't have any specific Tiki hats, but I do know that Lilo and Stitch is based in Hawaii, and Tikis are definitely Hawaiian. That plus my Ohana feelings from earlier in the week made these hats the perfect choice.

For the entire car ride today, we enjoyed songs from the Lilo and Stitch soundtrack, as well as the Lilo and Stitch Island Favorites. There's a whole lot of Elvis songs in there that the kids liked.
The kids' animals, Marie and Stitch, were dancing and surfing to the music.
Do you recognize Alli's hat? That's Angel, Experiment 624. She's got a talent that whenever she sings, she turns Stitch bad. So every once in a while, Ian's Stitch started growling and acting a little mean. Cute.

We got a pretty late start this morning and the parks were busy by the time we arrived. Our first (and only) ride of the day is Gadget's Go Coaster. Just a 10 minute wait.
Alright, time for the inevitable hat run-down. They might look the same, but there are differences.
Theresa's hat is the full body Stitch hat from Shanghai. Ian is wearing a classic Stitch hat from Hong Kong. Alli is wearing an Angel hat from Hong Kong. I am wearing an Alien Stitch hat from Walt Disney World.
And the kids each dressed themselves after figuring out which hat they'd wear. Alli is wearing pink from head to toe (even shoes). And Ian pulled all blue clothes out today too.

The full body Stitch hat from Shanghai. Stitch's teeth surround your entire head.

A classic Stitch hat from Hong Kong. Stitch's teeth are only on the front.

No body attached to the back.

The full body Angel hat from Hong Kong.
It was on the drive to Disneyland that I finally "got" the origin of Angel's name. So, about Angel. She's Experiment 624 and she acts sweet and nice to everyone. But secretly she's evil, singing her siren song and making other people evil.
Listening to the soundtrack and hearing Elvis sing "Devil in Disguise" it clicked.
"You look like an Angel. Walk like an Angel. Talk like an Angel. But I got wise. You're the devil in disguise. Oh yes you are. Devil in disguise. Oh yes you are."
"You fooled me with your kisses. You cheated and you schemed. Heaven knows how you lied to me. You're not the way you seemed."
That's totally Angel.

The Alien Stitch hat from Walt Disney World.

You can tell it's the Alien Stitch because he's got the Alien antenna coming out of the top of his head. And there's a story behind this hat too.

Years and years ago, there was an online Disney site called Virtual Magic Kingdom. In it, you could collect virtual items to decorate your character with. One of the items that signified you were "elite" was the Stitch Hat. It was one of the most sought after items in the game. Seeing the real life hat in store, I had to get one.

Back to the parks. Gadget's is such a great introductory rollercoaster. Alli gets so much enjoyment out of it.

As does Ian.

I remember when it was Ian sprinting from the exit saying "let's ride it again!" Now Alli is all excited for it.

Okay, one more ride. Swap kids.

I looked backwards and saw that Alli was holding Marie's hands in the air too. Adorable.

Because we arrived late, the park is more crowded than we usually like it. The kids have been asking to play at Goofy's house for the last few visits, so this seems like the perfect opportunity to let them run around without waiting in any lines.
Follow Goofy's footsteps guys!

Over to the boxes.

And underneath.

I think they go under the watermelon. Not above it.

Jumping off things is a favorite thing to do here.

Theresa and I had found a bench and were watching them run all around. They came back to get snacks and give us both back rubs.

It is getting close to lunchtime isn't it. Disney does have some personal sized pizzas back here in Toontown, don't they. The kids liked seeing a pepperoni Mickey in the middle of their pizza.

Time to meet up with some friends from Arizona! They've already had a busy morning, driving 6 hours from Arizona this morning just to make it here to the park by 12:30.
It was Kelly who gave me the heads up that today was TikiLandDay. Kelly and her family are all dressed up for today with themed shirts, necklaces, and even special Mickey ears.

I wasn't sure what to expect from TikiLand Day. We missed out on Adventureland Day back on March 10th. It's definitely an unofficial event, but they've got a lot of interesting stuff planned for the day. You could definitely see the effect of the event on the park. So many people were dressed in Tiki garb. It was reminiscent of the early Dapper Day events when only a few people knew about it. These well publicized fan events are pretty fun. I hope they keep doing more of them.
And what's this? A Tropical Treasure Hunt? That sounds like fun!

At 12:30, we were texted our first clue to get us started.

No surprise that our first clue takes us to the Enchanted Tiki Room.

It was 12:45 by the time we got to the Tiki Room and there were quite a few people trying to figure it out.

Starting from the top and going down, I see
1. Pineapple
2. Coconut
3. Dragonfruit
4. Mangos
5. Melon
6. Breadfruit
7. Figs
8. Rambutan
9. Bananas

The number 9 didn't work though, so after answer 8, we received our next clue.

It was off to Main Street for our next clue.

At the Disney Clothiers there were 2 macaws in a painting in the window.

Next we answered how many seagulls were on the buoy at Finding Nemo.

Then over to it's a small world.

At Pinocchio, we thought it was a trick. When we looked above the entrance we didn't see any flying fish.

But shifting over to get a better look at what that Monstro weather vane is chasing...

Ah, there's 8 fish. Eight minus eight is 0, so we answered that and got our next clue.

Over to Frontierland.

Every single time Ian sees this place he wants to play it. Every single time.

Next it was time to go to New Orleans.

Inside the window to the Parfumerie was a golden peacock.

After answering correctly we got a notification that we'd completed the treasure hunt! Off to Pooh corner!

Along with lots of other people.

Once we arrived, there was quite a line (longer than this) but it moved quickly. There were lots of people handing out treasure hunt prizes.

It's our turn! They checked our phone screen to ensure we completed the hunt, marked our hand, and offered us our choice of pins.

And because Theresa and I both completed it, we chose one of each!
There's an awesome Pele pin and TikiLand pin.
For a free event, it was really awesome of them to give away such cool prizes. Real metal pins, and they gave away over 1000 of them! Thank you TikiLand Trading Co!

The backs for completeness.

After the hunt, it was time for some well deserved treats. Over to the Tropical Hideaway!

Where we feasted on Dole Whip, Orange Dole Whip, and a Loaded Dole Whip. That loaded Dole Whip is very delicious. And my little scavenger children managed to eat 4.5 of my Pocky sticks before I was able to snag a bite of one.

Thanks for letting us know about the fun event! We had a fun time wandering the parks with you guys!

Time to say our goodbyes. Have a great vacation!

Despite the crowds, it was a lot of fun today. But now it's time to head home.

Where after we got our errands and chores done it was time to settle in for a movie.

No surprise for that, right? Though we will have to watch Lilo and Stitch: The Series to find out more about Angel.



  1. Awwwwww...what a precious Ohana message from 2015!!! That was a fun TikiLandDay! That one Stitch hat and Angel hat, are very unique with those attached bodies...what an interesting story behind the alien Stitch hat. The Hawaiian outfits and accessories that Kelly & family wore were really nice and colorful. Like how Alli and Marie "raised their hands" on the coaster...cute capture moment! "Jumping off things" must be part of many kid's DNA...I remember jumping off the top bunk onto a nearby twin bed for the airborne and trampoline effects (at least one sister did this with me, and we did it for "several rounds" before my parents got wind of it and said "no more"! (lol)) That was a fun treasure hunt, and amazing they gave out unique pin prizes...that was a pleasant surprise (thought they would go "cheap" and just be stickers or something like that) Aloha and Mahalo! EOM

    1. Kelly and family did a great job prepping for Tiki Day. She gets really into Disney bounding and it's amazing she has the time to do it all.
      Jumping off things was the best! I love that weightless feeling you get from a trampoline or a diving board.
      I too was impressed by the quality of the prizes. I'll be keeping an eye on the next events they have for sure!