Sunday, April 21, 2019

2019 Disney Eggstravaganza - Downtown Disney District

Happy Easter, or rather Hoppy Easter, from Disneyland! Today is the day of our big Disneyland Easter Egg Hunt!
Earlier we'd done the Disney Store Magical Egg Hunt Adventure in our local mall and now it's time to head to the Disneyland Resort and take care of all the rest!

And this is going a little out of order, but I've got to mention our hats for today. Diving into my hat collection, I pulled out all the Disney Bunnies that I could find. Sure there's some more popular Disney Bunnies, but not all of them have been made into hats. Here's what we've got.
The bunny that kickstarted Walt Disney's career, it's Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. This hat is all the way from Disneyland Tokyo.
Alli is sporting a fantastic Easter Bunny hat, also from Disneyland Tokyo. More on this one below.
Ian loves Zootopia and chose to wear Judy Hopps from Disneyland Hong Kong.
Theresa is sporting a Stella Lou hat from Disneyland Shanghai. Stella Lou is one of Duffy's growing list of friends.
All our hats are from the 3 Asian Disney parks: Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Shanghai.

A few of us swapped hats during the day, but Alli got first pick today and she didn't give it up. That's because it's the cutest hat of the bunch and she knows it.
It's a top hat with both Mickey ears and Bunny ears on it. It's covered in 3D eggs of the Fab 6 (Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, Donald, and Daisy) and vinyl 2D eggs and flowers encircling the hat.

On the top there's even a carrot, just in case you get hungry.

Really adorable.

And a peek at the Stella Lou hat.

Ever since we missed doing the egg hunt a couple years ago, I try to get the maps early, even if I know we won't be doing the hunt that day. I couldn't make it to the park on the day the hunt started, but Uncle Jacob could! Thanks for grabbing all the maps for us Jacob!
The kids have been looking forward to this for weeks now. Last week during Dapper Day they spied some random eggs hiding out, and they made sure to remind each other about them on the drive to the park.
There's three different hunts going on this year. The Downtown Disney District, Disney California Adventure Park, and Disneyland. Each map/sticker set/prize, will cost you $6.99.
After parking the car, we bypassed the tram and walked straight to Downtown Disney. Let's get started!

Here's a look at the map for Downtown Disney. Looks like 12 different locations, stretching from one end to the other.

Our sticker sheet.

Keeping their eyes peeled for eggs. Ian is a reader now, so he held on to the map and read off the names of where we were going to be looking for eggs.

First up is the Lego Store. We didn't see anything on the outside, so we headed inside and immediately the kids found their first egg. It's Woody!

And if you're not familiar with how these write-ups typically go, I will generally show a zoomed out view of where to find the egg (usually with my kids pointing at it), and then a zoomed in view focused on the egg.

First sticker is Woody.

Over at Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen after searching high and low on the porch balcony and railing, the kids found Pluto high up on the very top of the building.

Cute and she knows it. She was getting lots of comments today.

At the Wonderground Gallery, Ian spotted Jessie looking out the window.

In years past, Theresa and I have both been impressed with how fast Ian has spotted some of these eggs. And again this year, he's still making us say "how did he see that one?"
While we were putting the sticker on for Jessie, Ian yelled "There's Donald!"

Where? Even a little closer it's difficult to see.

Ah, hiding amongst the vines above the Uva Bar.

Ian's trying to sound out "Confectionary".

Waving at the people making the candy.

Inside Marceline's Confectionary the kids discovered Chip.

And across the walkway at the Salt and Straw, Thumper was keeping watch over the people below.

At the Disney Dress Shop, there was no egg outside. Walking to the back of the store, the kids didn't see anything.

But as soon as the turned back around and faced the front of the store they saw it.

It's the White Rabbit!

He doesn't look happy that we found him.

It was Theresa who impressed everyone with her sharp eyes this time, looking out the door towards Sephora and seeing an egg staring back at her.

Just inside the Sephora doorway, there's Daisy.

Alli - What's all this for?
That's for when you're older.

At the Naples Ristorante E Bar, the kids spotted another one.

A couple real working dogs taking a stroll in front of Dippy Dawg aka Goofy.

At Curl Surf, there's Mickey!

And not far away, Minnie Mouse is hanging out above the Starbucks Coffee.

Just one more egg to find, but it's inside the World of Disney store. The store is huge so we'll have to keep an extra close eye on everything.

After wandering through about half the store finding nothing, right in the middle near the big projection screen, the kids spotted their final egg.

Dale is hiding behind an upset Donald. Fitting.

A cast member was nearby and the kids were especially excited to tell him how they just found all the eggs! He responded with just as much enthusiasm, congratulating them for doing such a good job.

Then he went and grabbed photo prop egg for them to pose with.

Theresa - Are you seeing what she's doing with her foot?
Theresa - Where did she learn that?
I have no idea.

Time to go to the redemption station.

Back when it was first announced, there were 6 prize eggs you could choose from. And new this year are the prizes inside. Last year it was a sticker inside each egg. There's more variety this year.
There were 6 eggs, but they've ran out of one of them.

It's a good thing Uncle Jacob picked up all our prizes too when he bought our maps. That's why we have a Dumbo egg! And inside is a teeny tiny notepad.

From start to finish, in no particular rush, it took about 24 minutes to complete the hunt. The kids loved it, but we're just getting started! There's two more to complete today!


  1. Whoa...this is truly an Egg-Stravaganza day...and only 24 mins for the first one (that's quick!) All those hats are perfect for the hunt...the Stella Lou is so furry and fluffy like Duffy...Alli's hat (since she got to wear it all day) is FILLED with so many cute things to look at (no wonder so many comments were made on it). That Duffy bear in the bunny outfit is too cute and looks so cuddly!! What a great learning hunt, Ian a chance to read/learn new words and recognize old ones...learning can be such fun! Better check Ian's vision...he may have "superboy vision...being able to see so far and detect things" :-) ...must run in the family since Theresa seems to have really good eyes, too! Ian and Alli are such good detectives. That "foot" pose of Alli reminds me of the Minnie poses I often see in pictures...maybe she subconsciously picked that fancy footwork there. I like that Dumbo egg and mini notepad (pretty egg color decorations along the border of the notepad, along w/ Dumbo & Timothy) Fun start for the day...time to see what hunt two holds! EOM

    1. That's true, Minnie does pose like that. Perhaps that's it.
      I was happy to see the eggs had a little something special in them this year besides stickers. The notepad was a cute addition.