Saturday, April 20, 2019

Dyeing Eggs for Easter

It's almost Easter! Time to dye Easter Eggs!

Alli and I looked through this list of 52 Cool Easter Egg Decorating Ideas and picked a few of our favorites.  The nearby 99 cent store was very helpful for many of the supplies.
We've got 18 eggs to decorate and a bunch of fun ideas! Let's go!

First up are the nail polish eggs. Using luke-warm water and dripping nail polish into it left the surface of the water with patches of color. And it was about this time I realized that I need to get some kid sized gloves instead of having them use mine.

Next, I sprayed a plate with whipped cream (and some in each of their mouths), and dripped food coloring on top.

Rolling the eggs around in it made a tie-dye style egg.

The kids were excited about this one. It's sugar!
Confetti sprinkles and colored sugar are a great way to color an egg.

Just cover the egg in Elmers glue and then roll it around the plate.

It might be a little messy, but it washes right off.

Ian let us know earlier in the week that he wanted to paint a few eggs. These are going to be some colorful eggs.

And you can't forget the traditional egg dyeing by leaving them in a bath of food coloring. Grammy grabbed a few crayons and had them color on some of them before they went into the dye.

Success! Lots of Easter Eggs and lots of different fun techniques.

Here's the results after everything was dry.

I think the nail polish and traditional dye eggs turned out really well.
The yellow one Ian wrote his name on turned out really vibrant. And the other green egg has some crazy splotches on it. Ian called it his Tyrannosaurus Rex egg.

I must have used a ton of red dye in that cup because this egg came out very vibrant. Soaking the red and blue eggs in vinegar for a few minutes ahead of time seems to have really helped the dye saturate the shells.
The sugar eggs were fun too.

Happy Easter!


  1. What a personal way to say "Happy Easter and Bye" it!! Happy Easter to you, too! Looked like a really fun, creative day coloring the texture of those sugar-coated/confetti eggs (very unique)...great, simple idea using whipped cream (with a bonus taste) and drops of color dye (a lot of fun "swishing" the egg around)...the vinegar really upped the color level to a deeper level...that one painted egg had brush strokes that reminded me of strokes on an impressionist painting :-) What a great activity! EOM

    1. Do you have any favorite ways to decorate eggs? I've tried a few different ideas over the years, but I'm always interested in hearing more that turn out good.

    2. Alas, no favorites for decorating eggs. Believe it or not, coloring eggs for Easter wasn't something my parents allowed or encouraged the kids to do (probably because money was tight; thus, couldn't "waste" a good egg for "frivolous" activities when it should be eaten, not "played with" and chance ruining it) EOM