Sunday, April 21, 2019

Easter Egg Hunt

It's been a very busy day hunting Easter Eggs already, but we're not quite done yet.
The kids spent the morning combing the Disneyland Resort, finding eggs at Downtown Disney, DCA, and Disneyland. Now it's time to find them at home.

Since we started our day at Disneyland, Ian was concerned the bunny wouldn't stop at our house. He suggested leaving treats like we would for Santa. What does the Easter Bunny like Ian?
Ian - Peeps and Carrots.
Makes sense to me. They did the drawings themselves.

I thought this one was particularly cute. A drawing of the Easter Bunny with eggs surrounding him and the words "Wl Bee Bac Latr". We'll work on spelling later. For now, that's decent phonetic spelling.

The kids had a lot of fun hunting eggs at Disneyland.

When we got home, the Peeps and Carrots were untouched. The Easter Bunny must still be making his way here. Go play in the back yard for a little while.

Sure enough, after just a few minutes of them playing in the back yard, the Easter Bunny did come. Funny about the timing of all that.

Wow. No wonder he was so slow; he was carrying a ton of presents.
Such giant Easter baskets. Highlights being ukuleles, bubble wands, bubble bath, hatchimals and candy.

Alli - A bubble wand that's not broken!

Alright guys, you decorated a bunch of eggs for the Easter Bunny to hide, and it looks like he's brought more. Go find them!

They could be anywhere.

Alli reaching up high to get one out of the playhouse.

Ian checking the roof for good measure.

Nice work guys. Let's go open our eggs.

Lots of candy and some coins.

Ian - An Almond Joy! Grammy loves Almond Joy! Here you go Grammy.

The chocolate bunnies in each of their baskets is a favorite.

Take a bite Alli. Ah, starting with the ears. That's appropriate.

Gram and Pop Pop also sent a ton of books for them to enjoy. Great for our little readers.

They're both loving the bubble wands, and they ran around the driveway spraying bubbles everywhere until both their wands were dry.

It's been a full day, but lots of fun. Happy Easter!


  1. What a way to cap off the egg hunting! Ian made a great suggestion to leave Peeps & carrots for the bunny (a sweet treat plus "the usual"). There must be a hidden story behind "a bubble wand that's not broken!" I missed...glad they really enjoy the bubble wands (far cry from those bottles where you dip a plastic cut-out circle and manually blow through the circle to get your bubbles!) Almond Joy is a yummy coconut treat (one of my favorites growing up) considerate of Ian to think of Grammy when he saw it. With ukuleles to make music, it won't be long before you hear some solo and duet gigs :-) Thanks for sharing a full day of exciting hunting! EOM

    1. Ian's got a kind heart and thinks of others often.
      Right on the bubble wands? Where were these when I was growing up.
      Got to expose those kids to all sorts of things to expand their minds. Music is fun, but it'll be something they can focus on and learn soon enough. T is already getting them playing 1 chord and 2 chord songs.