Sunday, April 14, 2019

2019 Spring Dapper Day

Twice a year at Disneyland, the unofficial Dapper Day has everyone dressing in their finest. It's an opportunity to enjoy Disneyland the way you imagine it was years ago, when people treated it as something special.

The kids were ready. Alli loves getting dressed up all the time at home, and any opportunity to wear pink is good for her. Ian was happy to get dressed up for today too.
Even an hour after park opening, the Mickey and Friends parking structure had a short line. That's a great start for the day.

There isn't a line at security, but as usual, we decided to walk in through Downtown Disney.

There were no lines to get into the park either. Also a good sign.
I wasn't sure how long the outfits would last today, so I wanted to make sure we got family photos early. With the castle under construction, the next best place to take photos is the floral Mickey at the entrance. While we waited in line, Ian reviewed the map to plan out our day.

Fifteen minutes later and it's our turn. Maybe today more than other days it's the photo locations that are going to be busier than normal. We had a great Photopass Photographer named George Michael who took lots of photos with lots of poses for us.

I love having the photopass photos because it means I get to be in them!

The trees all around the resort are in bloom and are beautifully pink. Alli's outfit celebrates pink and flowers, so we have to pose her for at least one photo in front of them.

It's certainly a beautiful spring day here at Disneyland. Let's go on rides!

As with most days at Disneyland, it starts back in Toon Town. Gadget's Go-Coaster is a fun ride for both kids. First Ian and I rode together.

Alli - Daddy we have to go again!

She get's so much joy out of this ride. We'd be going again and again if we didn't have other things to get to.

Alli - Daddy, I'll drive you.
Thanks Alli. She was actually a pretty good driver.

Just outside, they still get a kick out of the interactivity of Toon Town. The dalmatian above the fire house is their favorite though. Alli get's so excited about ringing the bell and running away to see the puppy pop up and bark at her. Ian's enjoying himself on the fire truck.

And here's the video. Portrait mode video just works better in some instances.

While making our way towards Frontierland, the carrousel was basically a walk-on.

Slow down there horse!

Today we're meeting up with some good friends from Arizona. Matt, Amy, and Charlotte are here celebrating Dapper Day as well. They're bounding as characters from Lilo & Stitch. Charlotte is Stitch, Amy is Lilo, and Matt is Cobra Bubbles (the social worker).

While we were chatting near the churro cart, Cast Member Marisa came over to us, tell us that Mickey and Minnie had a special gift for the kids today.

They got such a kick out of it! Thank you Marisa!

Ever since we got back from Walt Disney World for Spring Break (the write-up for that is coming), Ian's been wanting to go on bigger and bigger rides. There's only 2 here at Disneyland he's too short for, Indy and the Incredicoaster. Indy is only 46" so he's wanting to see how close he is to it.

Alli and Charlotte were becoming fast friends.

Where should we go next?

How about the Haunted Mansion. Both kids really enjoyed an older friend to play with.

Charlotte holding both of them close while we wait in the Haunted Mansion lobby.

And they all rode together through the mansion.

The three traveled as a trio everywhere they went. Like Winnie the Pooh.

And enjoyed riding together too.

As is tradition, any ride on Pooh ends in Pooh Corner, and today we got to watch them make M&M rice krispy Mickeys.

That one looks good, that one looks good. Alright kids, you can pick whatever you like.

Comparing their treats.

A cupcake for Ian (the boy loves his cake). And caramel apples for the girls.

This is the second or third cupcake we've bought now from Disney, and if we can remember it's going to be the last. The cake has been dry and dense. It make look pretty, but it doesn't taste the best.

The caramel apples though are delicious. Expensive. But delicious.

Before we split for lunch, we've got to get a group photo. In front of the stained glass leading into Club 33.

The kids said their goodbyes. Matt, Amy, and Charlotte had reservations for Cafe Orleans.

Having no reservations, we went next door to the French Market. The kids split a kids meal of noodles and red sauce, with lots of napkins tucked into their collars to protect their clothes. Theresa had jambalaya which she enjoyed. I had a bread bowl of corn chowder. The chowder itself is sweet and delicious. And once I let the kids taste it, they wanted bite after bite.
Perhaps I'm spoiled having the bread over at California Adventure so often. There it's always fresh with a nice crust to it. This is the second time I've had a bread bowl at Disneyland now, and both have been disappointing. Almost like it was yesterday's bread.

Well I know who likes old bread. And so do the kids. They claimed it as theirs and after lunch they headed over to the Rivers of America.

There they found a couple ducks that enjoy old bread.

Time to ride Big Thunder Mountain!

Once finished with Big Thunder, it was time to meet back up with our friends. They've been apart for so long!

So many of the rides today have had short lines. And even the rides that have 30 minute waits had nearly immediate fastpasses. Today was wonderful for rides.

Queued up for Star Tours.

Again, a ride with a 20 minute wait, but an immediate fastpass. Why aren't people taking advantage of the fastpasses today?

We just have time for one more attraction.

Just missed the train.

Watching the drivers at Autopia.

Everyone enjoyed their grand-circle tour of Disney.

The grapevines around Autopia are starting to put on tiny grapes. T will be keeping an eye on these in the coming weeks.

It's starting to get late in the afternoon and time to head out. We've got to get home. Our friends have to drive back to Arizona. The monorail will drop us off near the Disneyland hotel and give us a shorter walk back to the car.

The kids enjoyed themselves while we waited.

It's here! Only one running today.

Time to say our goodbyes. It was great hanging out with you guys today!

Dapper Day was a lot of fun today. I really enjoy seeing everyone dressed up, especially the people who bound as Disney characters.

Next week we'll have another fun adventure at Disneyland as we celebrate Easter!


  1. Everyone looks wonderful in their dapper or Disney-bound outfits! The flowers in Alli's hair, coupled with her springy dress, reminded me of the young girls dancing around the maypole during a cute! Also liked the vests and that dapper flat cap! Great spring photos of Alli and the flowering pink trees, and her gleeful, joyful expression on the coaster; another favorite is the "Mommy and her little girl (Alli)" photo in front of the carrousel. Cute (but probably not to Ian) picture of Ian under the 46" height stand...he seems to be saying with his outstretched arms and dismayed look, " can that be...there must be a mistake!"...what a perfect capture of the moment! Too bad about the cupcake and bread bowl...hope someone who can fix that reads this. Ian and Alli really enjoyed their time with Charlotte...great to see everyone (young and young-in-heart) enjoying each other's company on a beautiful Sunday morning/afternoon. Enjoyed the Dapper Day share! EOM

    1. Dapper Day is a really fun time to just wander around the park. It was great having company that didn't have any set plans and would wander from ride to ride along with us.

      Alli pulled out that flower headband all by herself. I had forgotten about it, but she went into her bin of dress-up clothes and found it. She's all girl that one.