Sunday, April 21, 2019

2019 Disney Eggstravaganza - Disneyland

It's the last of our 2019 Disney Eggstravaganza Egg Hunts. We've been to the Disney Store in our local mall, Downtown Disney, California Adventure, and now we're wrapping everything up with the hunt at Disneyland.

Here's our map. Love the artwork here.

Our stickers.

Starting at the front of the park at the Fire Station, this is one the kids saw last week while we were waiting for the Easter Bunny. They were reminding each other in the car that "Pluto is above the Fire House".

Inside the Emporium, the White Rabbit is trying to be inconspicuous among the other toys.

The 20th Century Music Company isn't a very large store. There's no egg outside, so it must be hiding somewhere inside.

Not surprised to find the inside crowded.

There's Mickey up on the shelf.

Criss-crossing Main Street and going into the Candy Palace, Minnie is overseeing all the sweet treats.  Well spotted Alli.

At the Baby Care Center, Thumper looks down at us.

The Tomorrowland Platform is a very vague description I feel, but Ian found J. Thaddeus Toad.
Mr Toad in Tomorrowland? Ah, he's looking towards the motorcars in Autopia.

The next one would give us some trouble. The map said "it's a small world", so we were looking all around the ride, the gift shop, and even the promenade leading up to it. No luck.

As we were leaving, there it was. Okay, so that's "it's a small world" way back there in the distance. That's really far away. I'm sure if we approached this from Fantasyland we would have had a better chance at seeing it. We approached from the Matterhorn side and didn't even go by this tower.
Hi Daisy!

The Frontierland Shootin' Exposition was our next stop. This is the other one the kids saw last week.
Alli on the car ride to Disneyland reminding Ian - Donald is on top of the gun shop.

Right next door in Adventureland, an egg was supposed to be at the Adventureland Bazaar. After looking outside on all the balconies, and inside throughout the entire store, we were coming up empty. Oh well. Let's continue.

Okay, so we found Goofy on the top, but this is not the Adventureland Bazaar. This is seating for Bengal Barbecue. At one time it was the Adventureland Bazaar, but when they took out all the Indiana Jones gear (including the pinball machine) and put in seating, it stopped being the Bazaar.

New Orleans Square is another wide area to search. Luckily for us, Tinker Bell was on the balcony down the first row we checked. Good eyes Ian.

Off to Critter Country! There's two eggs here. One at Pooh Corner and another at Splash Mountain.

Well there's the one at Pooh Corner. You're obviously a chipmunk, but which one are you? That's a well placed post.

Ah, you're Dale.
There's just one more egg to find, and we know it's Chip. Let's go look around Splash Mountain.

High and low, all around the ride entrance, the queue, the nearby buildings, and no luck. Time to walk back to where the queue starts near the Haunted Mansion. Maybe we'll have luck there.

As we were walking by the sign for Critter Country, T thought "That would be a good spot for an egg."
Turns out she was right, that is a good spot for an egg, but only if you're tall! This picture is taken from about Theresa's vantage point.

And this is with my camera held above my head.
Chip was hiding down in the bushes really well. There's no chance a kid would be able to see this one. Evil.

Of course the kids still wanted to see it.

That's the last of them! Total hunt time in Disneyland - 65 minutes.

Nice work guys! You're eggcelent egg finders.

Ian - We got a Mickey egg last time. We should try to get a Minnie egg for Alli.
I pulled out their prize and it was... A Minnie egg!

Awesome guys! 4 Disney Egg hunts completed.

A look at their prizes from today. Mickey, Minnie, and an adorable Dumbo.

There's just one more thing we have to do! Come on!
We've got to get a family photo! Let's head to the Partner's Statue. Playing with a Cast Member while we waited our turn.

Photopass Cast Member Lance lined us up in lots of different poses. One of them is sure to turn out good enough to make our 2020 yearly calendar.

And seeing my Oswald hat, he even had something else special for us.

It's been such a fun day at the park, it's hard to believe we could squeeze much more fun in. But now that we've completed our egg hunt here, it's time to go home and hunt Easter eggs there!


  1. Ooooooh...what a magical black/white Oswald picture...takes you back in time! You are all "egg-cellent" hunters :-) So thoughtful for Ian to say, "Minnie for Alli"! Ian & Alli kept good detective notes in their mind, and definitely worked as a team to remind each other "not to forget!" Hey, perfect angle of the "chipmunk post"...really couldn't tell which one until one looked at a different angle. Guess the bushes grew too quickly since the start of the hunt, making Chip so really had to be tall to see Chip on that day. Another wonderful family photo for the 2020 calendar (too many to choose from!) Whew...what a full day of hunts at the Disneyland Resort, but such fun. Thanks for the EggStravaganza tours! EOM

    1. Ah, good thinking. I was wondering why they would make Chip so hard to find, but you're right, it's been 3 weeks or so since they started the hunt. These bushes can grow pretty fast I imagine.
      I do like that the Disney photographers can make special magical moments. The Oswald was a surprise to me, since I didn't think he was all that popular.