Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Spring Oreos and Easter Oreos

More Oreos? Yes please.
Just in time for Spring, Oreo has released two new styles. While the filling is dyed different colors, they're the standard vanilla creme.

Spring Oreo have yellow filling along with 3 new cookie designs.
The Easter Egg Oreos are shaped like eggs, which is pretty fun, and have 4 unique designs.

First up, the Spring Oreo. Opening the package, I was surprised by the amount of filling. These look like Double Stuf Oreo, much more creme than the regular Oreo. And I don't know if it's just the batch we got, but the creme was a bit more crumbly/dry. When I twisted the cookies apart, it broke the creme in half.
Our cookie designs are a bee, a sun with the words "Shine On", and a flower with the words "Love Me, Love Me Not".

Alli said she could take the flower.

Next were the Easter Egg Oreos. The creme, while purple, was still what we've come to expect from Oreo. As far as designs, there's a bunny hiding eggs, a chick with bunny ears on, and two that have egg decorations.

The Easter Egg cookies are a little smaller that the regular Oreo cookie too, which T says makes them much cuter.

Checking out the designs.

The flavors are the same, but they're still a fun thing to have for spring.


  1. I like the cute egg-shape idea and nice purple creme shade. I assume that despite being more "dry & crumbly" for the spring ones, they still tasted fine? Having the different designs make oreo-eating a little more fun now (wonder if certain designs will be selected first to eat, despite having the same flavor in every case...sort of like "finding" certain animal crackers to eat first because one "likes" that particular animal!) I'm getting to be "oreo cookie" savvy just by reading these fun posts :-) Thanks for a springtime cookie share! EOM

    1. Yep! Everything tasted just fine. It was just odd to have the creme be a different texture.
      You'll be an expert of all the different Oreo flavors, and have an idea of what they taste like.