Saturday, April 13, 2019

Deep Fried Twinkies

We just tried Hostess Honey Bun cereal and donettes cereal. Maybe we're on a Hostess kick right now.
This one has to be good right? Deep Fried Twinkies! And a regular Twinkie to compare it to.

They come frozen, but after 8 minutes in the toaster oven they smelled amazing.
Just missing that powdered sugar dusting like it shows on the box.

 Bam! Now they're perfect.

Cutting one open, maybe not quite as much filling as the picture on the box, but it's warm and oozing out.

Doing a comparison with a regular Twinkie, the fried version is a little shorter, but otherwise it's right on.

Alright, enough photos. Let's eat them!
The Deep Fried Twinkies did not disappoint. Warm sponge cake with a crunchy shell. That warm creme filling oozing out of it. So delicious.

The kids were split with their favorites. Alli was with me, thinking the Deep Fried Twinkies were best. Ian preferred the regular Twinkie. But really, they're all good.

Keep an eye out for these when you're out shopping.
Now that I got these, I saw that they also make a Deep Fried Chocolate Twinkie. Given how good these were, I'll be on the lookout for those.


  1. My first thought when I saw the title, "Deep Fried Twinkies", was that the family did some experimental cooking over the weekend to replicate that county fair favorite! (lol) I'm surprised that it still looked pretty good after heating (a lot of heated foods just don't look the same as advertised on the packaging); better yet, for it to even taste so good...truly amazing. A warm sponge cake sounds like "fresh out of the oven" taste...looks like Hostess knew what they were doing with this fair favorite :-) EOM

    1. They really are tasty. I need to get them out of my freezer as soon as possible.