Sunday, April 21, 2019

Meeting the Easter Bunny at Disneyland and getting interrupted by Cruella de Ville

The kids adore the Easter Bunny and Disneyland gives them to perfect opportunity to see him. And you never know what kind of surprises await you.

Right as we entered the park I was thrilled to see the Easter Bunny was out and greeting people. Last year I was checking the schedule continuously and didn't see him out at all. I prefer getting photos here versus going to the mall.
Not too bad of a line this morning. As soon as we hopped in it, a cast member walked up behind us and closed the line for everyone else. We'll be the last to visit with the Easter Bunny this morning, so we'll get just a little bit of extra time!

Your turn kids! Run up there and see him!

Just adorable.

Who is this? Cruella de Ville appeared and she's showing an undue interest in the Easter Bunny.

Making all sorts of comments about his fur. Just reaching out to feel his fur coat.

Cruella can be a bunny too!

Cruella - I'll be back for you later darling.

Here's the video.

Okay, time for a photo with the kids.

Say "Happy Easter!"

Goodbye Easter Bunny. Bring us some goodies on Easter.

Tomorrow we're hunting Easter Eggs!


  1. Perfect timing into the Easter Bunny photo line! Cruella added some interesting/fun interaction there, too...the video captured the funny moment when Cruella suddenly "posed w/ her black bunny ears" (caught me off guard and brought a smile/laugh to my face...didn't expect that!) Great family photo with the Easter Bunny (that would make a great calendar picture for the Easter month!)...and then a cute and very nice closing picture of Ian, Alli, & Charlotte (egg cut-outs worked well, and Alli even got a lot of pink in hers) EOM

  2. I'm sure that pink in Alli's egg was in no way accidental. She's drawn to it.

    And you're right. I'm really making an effort this year to get some good calendar photos of the family.