Monday, April 8, 2019

Hostess Cereal Taste Test - Honey Bun cereal and Donettes cereal

Taste tests are always fun and today we've got a good one.
Grandpa loves just about everything Hostess makes, but his favorite has to be the Honey Bun. So I was especially excited to see two new cereals from Post celebrating Hostess Donettes and Hostess Honey Bun. 

And when you're testing the cereals, you've got to try what they're based on too.

Obviously we have to start with the Honey Bun.

The back of the box. Promising to recreate the flavor of honey glazed pastries with a wisp of cinnamon.

They look similar enough.

Everyone tried them and everyone agreed they were sweet, sweet, sweet! I was tasting sugar, but not really honey.

Back when we taste tested the Sour Patch Kids cereal, I was surprised to see the first ingredient as sugar. I had found over a dozen other sugary cereals whose first ingredient was corn/wheat/rice. This Honey Bun cereal is now the second cereal I've found with Sugar as the first ingredient.

I heard you like Honey Buns, so I put Honey Buns on your Honey Buns so you can eat Honey Buns while you eat Honey Buns.

Next was the donettes cereal.

The back of the box. They took everything we love about the fresh-baked cakey goodness with a superfine coating of powered sugar, and put it into a cereal.

Side by side with the real donettes. The cereal is the same beige color all the way through. It doesn't have the white coating on the outside like the real donettes.

It certainly smells like donettes.

After the taste test, no one was impressed. With milk, without milk. Don't eat these. They're not very good. The cereal is coated with a powered sugar type coating, so you do kinda get the same feel, but it's not tasty.

And here's another first I've seen. Now the first 2 ingredients are sugar. Both Dextrose and Sugar!

So even though we had high hopes, I think both of these cereals were a bit of a bust.
Everyone agreed that it's so much better to just eat the real thing.

So many more taste tests are in the pipeline, including lots more cereals. Stay tuned for more!


  1. What a disappointment for Grandpa since he liked honey buns so much! At least you know which two cereals not to buy again. Great consolation prizes by having the real thing...powdery, cakey donettes and moist honey buns :-) EOM

    1. Agreed. At least there was the real thing to enjoy.