Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Bugles Taste Test Comparison

We certainly love our taste tests and we've got another one already.
I happened upon a whole bunch of different Bugles flavors, not only the regular savory ones, but also some interesting looking sweet flavors too.
The kids were excited, telling us how they were going to eat some Beagles. No, not Beagles guys. Bugles. I know they're a favorite of Theresa's too.

There's 7 flavors to try. Original, Bold BBQ, Nacho Cheese, Hot Buffalo, Churro, Chocolate Peanut Butter, and Caramel.

Bugles are America's #1 Finger Hat. Though as you'll see in the coming photos, they're not nearly as conical as they show on the packaging.

Jacob is here for the taste test too. We've got lots of people voting for their favorites today.

Let's eat them! As you can see, most of these are squished. I envisioned a photo of each of the kids with a full contingent of finger hats, but finding cones that would fit even the smallest of fingers proved to be a challenge.

There's me!

Each of the kids after trying the Hot Buffalo Bugles. At least they tried it.

The Caramel Bugles had a very thick candy-caramel coating.

Alright time to vote for favorites.
Ian's favorite were the plain old Original (which he kept wanting to read as Organic) Bugles. Salty, corny, and no special flavors.

Alli and Jacob both thought the Churro flavored Bugles were the best. They tasted a lot like Taco Bell Cinnamon Twists though they were more dense. Cinnamon and Sugar is a tasty combination.
Theresa's favorite forever and always are the Nacho Cheese Bugles. She said everything else was fun to taste, but I don't have to ever buy those flavors again. Nacho Cheese is for her.
I thought the Caramel Bugles with their thick sweet coating was the best.
The Chocolate Peanut Butter Bugles reminded me a lot of the Chex Mix Muddy Buddies that you make at Christmas. They were just missing that powdered sugar coating on top. Also a tasty treat.
I stood alone in my liking for the Hot Buffalo flavor. Jacob and Theresa commented on the strong vinegar flavor, but that was just fine with me.
The one flavor that everyone agreed would be fine to completely get rid of was the Bold BBQ. No one liked it as a favorite.

Ian showcasing his new Nose Hat.

It's always fun sampling things, even if they're not new. What's your favorite Bugle flavor?
Any suggestions on things I should add to the list of things to sample?


  1. Beagles...oops, Bugles (that was cute! :-) ) I didn't think they made Bugles anymore since I hadn't seen them around for so long, let alone so many different flavors. From memory, the Original had a unique flavor, not quite like a corn chip or a potato chip. But when you first introduced the different flavors I thought Bold BBQ (since I like BBQ potato chip flavor) and Chocolate PB (thinking of Reeses candy which is yummy) would be good contenders against the Original. Hmmmmm...but based on the taste test may have to reconsider the Bold BBQ. That sure looked like a fun taste test...too bad the Bugle hat shape didn't happen...that really would have been a cute, funny picture to have the different Bugle flavors on Alli's and Ian's fingers! You've had so many different and fun taste tests I can't think of anything new offhand...but if I do, I'll holler :-) EOM

    1. You never know what you'll find at the 99 cent store. And for just 50 cents a bag, this was a surprisingly easy taste test to organize.

  2. That looks absolutely bonkers mate. Them some dapper lads innit?

  3. My favorite bugles are I have 4 favored flavors is hot Buffalo Ranch nacho cheese and caramel they are all my favorites because they their own unique taste and flavor

  4. Yum, glad they didn't go organic. Little benefit with big rise in cost.

  5. We love Bugles. Was wondering if they would consider a low sodium or no sodium bugle. Many people on salt restricted diets could have these.