Saturday, May 4, 2019

May the 4th Be With You

May the 4th Be With You today!
It's Star Wars Day and we've got to celebrate!
Our hats of course are all Star Wars themed. Theresa and I have a Wampa hat and a Yoda hat from Disneyland. Ian and Alli are wearing really cool hats from Tokyo Disneyland. Ian's got a Rebel Pilot plush hat and Alli is wearing a plush Darth Vader hat. When I set the hats out for everyone to pick, she was quick to grab Darth Vader. Why did you pick that hat Alli?
Alli - I like Darth Vader. He fights bad guys.
Um, Alli. Darth Vader is a bad guy.
Alli (shocked) - What?!?

We don't just wear the hats at home; we've got errands to run this morning. I'm sure I got a few odd looks as I drove.

First stop is the 85C bakery.

Oh, and we've got visitors from Michigan! Rita and Aubrey are here for the weekend.
We've got lots of tasty treats.

Next it was time to visit the farmer's market.

This steel drum player is here every week. Occasionally I'll hear a song I recognize. I had a $20 ready just in case he started playing any music from Star Wars, like the Star Wars Cantina song. No Star Wars songs today though.

Darth Alli overseeing the selection of peaches.

When Wampas can't find Tauntauns to eat, apparently they snack on tomatoes and cucumbers.

Isn't this backwards? Shouldn't Yoda be on top of Skywalker?

Once we got back home, Star Wars continued. Playing Lego Star Wars on the TV.

And continuing with Star Wars Clone Wars.

There's not that many Star Wars songs around, but we enjoy the few that do exist.

May the Fourth Be With You!


  1. Truly funny to "hear" Alli's reaction about Darth Vader being a "bad guy", when she thought the opposite all this time :-) Brave family for wearing the Star Wars hats while doing errands...but unfortunate the steel drum player didn't recognize the significance of the day (or your "out-of-this-world" hats) w/ some Star Wars Cantina music which would have been perfect. 85C is the place to go when Aubrey is in town...also a good excuse to enjoy some yummy bakery items. The Cantina song is quite catchy and will be one of those recognizable tunes soon...and (belated) May the Fourth be with you, too!! EOM

    1. If I ever played the steel drums, the Cantina song would be one of the first I'd learn.
      Most people were smiling that we were wearing those hats, despite maybe not knowing why.