Thursday, February 2, 2023

Alli loses her 6th tooth! 2023-02-01

This one has been loose for a little while and finally it's time to come out! Normally I'd record the event, but when I woke up one morning, Alli was in the living room waiting for me with a big smile on her face. 

Alli, did you lose a tooth? 

She said she was twisting it, trying to make it more loose and it just kept turning. She pulled and it came out!

That's a cute little tooth Alli. 

Let's get it under your pillow for the... Hmm. It's not the Tooth Fairy anymore is it. Ever since Alli lost a tooth on Halloween, Jack Skellington saw the Tooth Fairy and decided to take over! He was there for her fourth and fifth tooth, and I just don't know when we'll get the Tooth Fairy back. 

Ian requested Alli stay out of their room and made a big banner for her. 

Whenever teeth get lost, it is their one chance to have some communication with the world of magical creatures. Alli was wondering if Jack Skellington and the Tooth Fairy were still friends.

The tooth and the note went under her pillow. Ian decided to make his own note and place it under Alli's pillow. (The banners he made were supposed to be a distraction while he made the note.)

When Alli woke the next morning, she had a note from Jack! 

Dear Alli. I heard you were extra brave so I will give you extra money. Love Jack. 
Thanks Jack (Ian).

But also under her pillow was another note from Jack Skellington. Oh my! He locked the door to Tooth Fairyland? But wait. What's this? At the bottom we've got someone new arriving. 

Sandy Claws! 

Santa has had enough of Jack's antics and is going to start setting things right! But wait, does that mean he's the Tooth Fairy now while things get sorted out? 

At least he remembered to leave money for the tooth. Ooh, and in a fun Christmas tree with a star and a present box under the tree. How clever Santa! (only took 30 minutes of YouTube videos I'm sure)
Well there seems to be a lot of drama going on in the world of magical creatures. We'll see where this leads when the next tooth comes out! I'm sure the kids will have lots of questions!

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  1. Alli, you're such a brave girl!!...pulling out your own loose tooth isn't easy...good work! For that, she gets two special rewards, one from Jack Skellington (kind gesture, Ian!) and one from Santa Claus (what a unique presentation of the dollar bills...LIKE!) P.S. I like the single-letter banner idea Ian used to celebrate the occasion...reminds me of those celebration banners that get strung in the air at a carnival or party. EOM