Tuesday, February 28, 2023

A Left Twix versus Right Twix taste test comparison - We decide for ourselves which is truly best!

Everyone knows that there's two different Twix bars and one is completely superior to the other. Every time I eat a Twix, it has to be a Left Twix. The Right Twix is obviously inferior. 

Well after hearing me tout that again and again, the kids were ready to make me prove it. It's time for the Left Twix versus Right Twix blind taste test. 

Which one will win? Left Twix, like I suspect, or Right Twix. Let's find out. 

Twix candy bars are made at two separate factories with Left Twix in one and Right Twix in another. The two have been battling it out since the beginning. 

Even their advertisements boast the differences between the two. 
Introducing Left Twix. Left Twix is unmistakably cookie, caramel, and chocolate. (Please excuse the cookie bar posers on the other side). Our one of a kind process makes us different. The Left Twix. The Left Twix factory prides itself on building a truly one of a kind chocolate bar experience, as opposed to those knockoff artists at Right Twix. Our process brings cookie, caramel, and chocolate together in a complex fusion of time-tested methodologies. 1) We take a delicious cookie wafer. 2) We cascade caramel over that cookie. 3) We bathe it in chocolate. 
Behold Right Twix. Right Twix is distinctively caramel, chocolate, and cookie. (Sorry we have to share a site with those hanger-ons over there). Our unique process makes us stand out. The Right Twix. The Right Twix factory delights in creating a truly unmatched kind of candy experience, unlike the cookie bar plagiarists at Left Twix. Our recipe brings chocolate, cookie, and caramel together in an elaborate synthesis of time-honored processes. 1) We take a scrumptious cookie wafer. 2) We flow caramel over the cookie. 3) We submerge it in chocolate. 

The kids made sure to get both Right and Left Twix. 

The Right Twix promise they are "100% Left Twix-Free". 

While the Left Twix say that it "Contains Absolutely No Right Twix". 

I'm looking forward to that Left Twix and its Crunchy Cookie, Drizzled in Caramel, and Enrobed in Chocolate. 
I'll suffer through the Right Twix and their Crispy Cookie, Cascaded in Caramel, and Cloaked in Chocolate. 

Opening the package, we can see that the Left Twix have a little bit of a different shine on the chocolate.
Theresa - The Left Twix is a little more wavy. The Right is more muted. The Left looks superior. 
Joe - They do both say they're from a factory in New Jersey.  

Cutting them open, ah, that's interesting. The Left Twix has a trough for the caramel, while the Right Twix is a flat cookie. 

Now it's time to get down to business. Bring on the blindfold. Let's settle this once and for all. 
Joe - You're going to see. One of these Twix is delicious. The other one we should flush down the toilet. 
Ian - Daddddyyyy...

Theresa - I'm going to start this taste test off with... this one. 
Joe - Hmm. 
Theresa - Given how much you dislike and like them, I feel like it should be a pretty prompt answer. 
Joe - That is a Right Twix. Can I spit it out? 
Theresa - How about this next one? 
Joe - Are you going to give me two Right Twix in a row?
Ian - No!
Joe - So you're not just trying to give me the same thing over and over again? 

For the first test, yes, the Left Twix was superior! ...and then they tested me again. Once was not enough to prove to them that I knew which was which. And with the second test, I was incorrect and got Right and Left reversed. Oops. 
A third time is necessary!
Joe - That is a Left Twix!
Theresa - Okay, and what is that one?
Joe - That is a Right Twix. Alli, give me your hand so I can spit it out. 
That was correct. A fourth time is needed. 
Theresa - I think he's going to be tired of Twix after a while. At least the Right Twix!
I tried them a fourth time and... got it backwards again. 
Theresa -So! My conclusion is that there is no difference between the Left and Right Twix that Daddy can tell! 
I still stand by the assertion that Left Twix are superior. But that's just my opinion. What does everyone else think? 

Give it a try Alli. 
Do you think you have a preference? 
Alli - I think I like Right Twix.
Okay, let's taste it.  

Alli - Hmm. Can I taste the second one? I think the first one was Right Twix and the last one was Left Twix. 
Joe - Cause it tasted better? 
Theresa - Or were you just guessing? 
Alli - I was guessing. 

Well Alli you were right. And she preferred the Right Twix. 
Alli - How I knew was I was feeling it with my tongue. The Right had extra crunchiness. 

Ready Ian? 
Joe - Do you think you have a preference between Right or Left? 
Ian - No. 
Okay, taste this one. 
Ian - That's a Right Twix!
And now this one? 
Ian - That's a Left!
Joe - Because it tastes superior? 
Ian - There was a difference in texture. 

You were right! In the end, he preferred the Left Twix. 

Theresa gave it a try. 
Hmm, think about it. 

Theresa - The first one was Right and the second was Left. 
Correct! Let's test you again!
Theresa - Right and then Left again. 
You're right!
Theresa - The Right tasted more Chocolatey and the Left tasted more Carameley. Which is why I liked the Left! 
Joe - See! The Left is better!
Theresa - Actually Left is better! We did this taste test to prove to Daddy that there was no difference! And it tasted way better!  
Ian - They weren't that different. 
Theresa - I could tell! Didn't you hear my definitive answers! It wasn't guessing. I knew! 

So which one is better? That's 3 votes for Left Twix and 1 vote for Right Twix. 
Left Twix is superior!
What about you? Do you have a preference? Is there one Twix you will avoid or one you prefer? 


  1. Theresa must have very sensitive taste buds to definitively tell the difference each time! Either Twix will do the job for me...cookie + caramel + chocolate = yummy! :-) EOM

  2. so it seems as if the marketing is exactly the same for both candy bars. I’m having trouble seeing the difference. It seems fake!