Thursday, February 9, 2023

Enjoying Chick-fil-A and Bingo at the Chick-fil-A Bingo Night!

Happy Wednesday! Our nearby Chick-fil-A has lots of special events going on to start the year off! Let's go check them out! 

One way to get us in the door is to offer free food and CFA Four Corners is doing something crazy! During January just place any order through the mobile app and they'll send you a reward for free items!

And in February they stepped it up even more! Check out Friday February 3rd! A free 30 count nuggets (a $17.35 value!) with any $5 mobile order! You can bet we were all over that one! 

And sure enough, a couple days later, I checked my CFA mobile app and it was right there! 
Theresa did the same thing and got 30 free nuggets too!

Because the CFA at Four Corners does interesting things like this, I made sure to follow them on Facebook. The kids were thrilled when I told them there was an upcoming Bingo night at Chick-fil-A too. We're definitely going!
I wasn't sure how busy it was going to be, so we made sure to get there with plenty of time to spare. At 5:15pm, we were in our booth and enjoying 60 nuggets, french fries, and Chick-fil-A's famous lemonade. Delicious! 

Thank you Operator Andrew Gaddie! Dinner was delicious!

As it got closer to 6pm, the restaurant started to fill up and we saw the table for all the bingo prizes being set up. 

We shifted to another booth to get a better view of all the action. I had some CFA reward points sitting in my account, so I ordered a round of ice cream for everyone before Bingo got started!

A CFA team member came around the restaurant with a couple large bags, stopping at each table. When he got to ours, he explained that a large order had been cancelled and the food would normally be thrown away, but instead would we like some free waffle fries? Um, yes! He gave us a bag with 4 waffle fries in it! 
Ian - Everything tastes better when it's free!

And perfect for dipping into our ice cream!

Just after 6pm the call went out. Everyone ready to get started?
Team Member Alex will be calling out all the numbers tonight. And this is the first time I've seen Bingo Cards. I'm used to ping-pong balls something similar. This was a deck with every number that just needs to be shuffled between rounds. Cool! 

We've got our bingo cards (1 per person) and are ready to go!

Where at 5:15pm we had our choice of where to sit throughout the restaurant, at 6pm nearly every seat was taken and then some! People even sat outside, enjoying the beautiful sunny 70F Florida weather. 

Let's play some bingo!

This is regular style bingo where you just need a single straight line of 5 squares. I think they really missed an opportunity to also play four corners Bingo here at the Chick-fil-A Four Corners. 

Games were fun, and there were so many where it was very close. Many of us were just 1 square away when someone else would yell BINGO! D'oh! 
I think we had played 6 games, with a 5 minute intermission for everyone to get drink refills, when they called for the final game. This time there will be 3 winners, so don't clear those cards when you hear Bingo. 

Ian was so close again... Just need one more space. And it could be in 2 or 3 different locations! 
They called out B7 and that's all Ian needed! Yes!!!

Alli was super excited to have won! 

Ian won a CFA collectible cup (I'm one of the first 100) that they give the first 100 visitors to a new CFA location, plus a free sandwich and a free breakfast sandwich! 

And no one went away a loser here tonight. After the Bingo, a team member went to every single table and handed out Be Our Guest cards to all the non-winners for free sandwiches and sides. Aww! Thank you! 

Thank you Alex! Great job calling out all those numbers! Your voice might be hoarse tomorrow! 

Alli - I'm so happy!
Alli - Because we just got so much free Chick-fil-A! And they were so nice!
Thank you Andrew Gaddie, Chick-fil-A, and the whole team there! We had a great time tonight!

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  1. Alli summed up the evening well! much free food that evening (and even in the future w/ those "Be Our Guest" cards...what a gesture to all the attendees who didn't get BINGO!) and lots of fun playing Bingo (could see the excitement in the kids, hoping for that Bingo...Ian was super-excited when that B7 was called out :-) ) Everyone was a winner that night at CFA! Those special events to start the year off at CFA will be something to look forward to. EOM