Sunday, February 5, 2023

Oreo Cakesters Taste Test Comparison

A new Oreo! And not just a new flavor like we usually get. This is a whole new concept of Oreo. It's called an Oreo Cakester!

These Oreo Cakesters are soft chocolatey sandwich cakes filled with creme. They are a lot bigger than the typical Oreo Sandwich cookies, and the texture is definitely going to be different. Let's try them!

A Soft-Baked Twist on a Classic. 

The new soft-baked Cakester is obviously a lot larger than the original cookie. And that's a whole lot of creme! Probably even more than The Most Stuf cookies we tested before. All of us were wondering if they were going to be similar to Devil Dogs snack cakes. Let's find out!

Ian - Are they going to be hot? Can we try heating a Cakester? 
Joe - Maybe at the end.
Theresa - How many in each package? 
Joe - Just 3. 
Ian - I wonder if these are going to be moist? 

Joe - How do they taste? 
Ian - Tastes kinda like a Twinkie. 
Theresa - Tastes kinda like a Snackwell. 
Joe - That's what I was thinking it might be. 

Alli - It has a hint of Oreo flavor, but then it's just cake with frosting on it. 
Theresa - But it's not good cake.
Jacob - Nope!
Theresa - Dry. 
Jacob - Not for me. Thanks. 
Ian - I need water! 

Joe - What about the Oreo? It's America's Favorite Cookie!
Theresa - It's not Theresa's favorite cookie. 

Jacob - Same as always. It's good. But the thin ones are better. 

It was suggested to try them warmed up. And yes, a few seconds in the microwave did help improve the texture of this Oreo Snack Cake. 

Ian - Those Cakesters were a little dry, so I didn't like them. 
Alli - It's a really over-dry cake. But the frosting helps it a little bit. 
Jacob - I didn't like the consistency of the filling. 
Joe - It's not like the regular Oreo Creme. It's like a Twinkie kind of creme. 
Theresa - Kind of marshmallowy texture. But the cake is not good on that. It's just not enjoyable. It's so dry. It's probably because it has to stand up to being in that shape and packaging and not get crushed. But No Thank You. 
Joe - Sorry Oreo. Your Cakesters were a fail. 
Jacob - Swing and a miss.  

Hmm, so having them like that wasn't as good as we'd hoped. Shame. 


  1. Jacob's "a swing and a miss" description seems to sum it up well! The original Oreo is still the best...just the right amount of creme surrounded by the chocolate cookie does it for me :-) Instead of the Oreo Cakester, I'll go for the Hostess Susie Q's...remembered enjoying that treat growing up :-) EOM

  2. I totally agree with the dry comment even with ice cream it was still dry.

  3. I need to go to the store to get some cakesters.... i need to... i need to...