Sunday, February 26, 2023

Pizza at Home - Nevada - Las Vegas Buffet inspired Pizza

Welcome to Nevada! But what should we do for a pizza? I've loved doing pizzas themed to the state we're visiting, but what food is Vegas famous for? It was Theresa that came up with the great idea of doing a pizza themed to the classic Vegas buffet! Perfect! Let's get started!

One thing I'm always used to seeing at a buffet is some form of ham. A pineapple glazed ham sounds like the perfect start! I've got a nice ham steak and we'll make a tasty pineapple glaze to go on it. It starts with pineapple juice and brown sugar. 

And I think I'll throw a few cloves into that while it boils on the stove. 

Whole cloves aren't tasty to eat, so I filtered them out before adding a little corn starch and boiling it again to thicken it up. 

At the really good buffets, you'll find a meat carving station at the end. I grilled some tasty steaks earlier in the week on my fantastic smoker grill. 

I'll carve a few pieces off that for the "steak" quadrant of my pizza. 

What we've got so far. I used a little bit of pineapple glaze underneath my ham as a sauce. What else can we do? 

Variety is always the name of the game at a buffet. Theresa made chicken fried rice, which I think will go great on this part of the pizza. 

Adding a few cloves to my ham pieces while it cooks. 

And the steak gets kosher salt and fresh cracked black pepper. 

Let's toss that in the pizza oven and get it cooking! 

That pizza is looking great, but I still have a quarter of it that is empty. What does every buffet need to finish a meal? 


Earlier in the day, Alli helped me make that classic dessert that you see at every buffet. Chocolate pudding! 

Measure 2 cups of milk. 

Add the chocolate pudding mix. 

And the immersion blender makes short work of mixing it all up! Thanks Alli!

I spread the chocolate pudding over the last quadrant. 

That is a unique looking pizza! That's a lot of variety all on one pizza crust! 

My plate tonight. I have never made a pizza like this before! 

Just like a buffet plate, there's a little bit of everything on there. Lots of flavors, and if they're touching, that's just one more unique combination. Chocolate and steak? Sure, why not. 
The cracker-like thin crust holds up really well to all sorts of flavors you can put on it. 
My favorite of the four was the pineapple glazed ham, but the chocolate pudding was also really tasty. 

Theresa was surprised at how well everything turned out. Nothing stood out as particularly amazing, just like a real buffet, but it was well executed. Probably not something I'd make again, but it was fun to do! 

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