Saturday, February 4, 2023

Eggo PopTarts Taste Test Comparison

Well this is something new! Eggo and Pop Tarts combine to make the Eggo Pop-Tarts? 
My brother found this first while he was out and about. He grabbed a package for us to all try out together. Let's go!

And like we always do, we'll be trying these Eggo Pop Tarts alongside their namesake, the frozen Eggo Waffle! I can't remember the last time I had an Eggo waffle. It might have been back in 2020 when we tried the Eggo Waffle breakfast cereal

Bringing out the old toaster to warm these waffles up. It got me thinking, how many toasters are still around? I know we've swapped out our toaster for a toaster oven that does the same thing but has more functionality. 

Adding a pat of butter and drizzling syrup over the top to make it look like the picture. 

Gram, do you love Eggo waffles? 
Gram - Leggo my Eggo!
Megan - It smells like my grandma's house! 
Theresa - She would make Eggo waffles? 
Megan - Yes! Eggo Waffles, Frosted Flakes, White Bread. All the stuff that my parents didn't want in the house. 

Megan - It really needs the fake syrup to really taste like my childhood. 
Gram - This syrup is from New Jersey...
Megan, what's that you're making? 

Oh my, an Eggo, butter, and syrup taco? 

Time for the Pop-Tarts!
Joe - I did toast these. I don't always toast my Pop-Tarts when I'm in a rush,
Theresa - I thought these looked like they have mustard on top of them! That was not an appealing thought. 
Patrick - It's Cheez-Whiz!
Joe - That's Frosted Maple flavor apparently. I don't think they look like the photo on the package. And I hate that they don't get the frosting to the edge of the tart.  

Alli - Mmm. Yum!
Joe - I feel like it could be a lot stronger maple flavor. 
Megan - I don't love it. It tastes fake all around. Also why is the Pop-Tart yellow? 

The inside seems to be a maple brown sort of color. 

Theresa - No Thank You!
Megan - It was not delicious. 
Theresa - Now I just want a strawberry Pop-Tart to make up for that one. That was disappointing. 
Patrick - You mean Brown Sugar Cinnamon. That's the best one. 
Theresa - I don't like Brown Sugar Cinnamon at all. 

Gram - No thank you. 
Avery - Yum!
For being an Eggo Waffle Pop-Tart, why does it just taste like maple syrup? It doesn't taste like the Eggo at all. 

So say that it's breakfast time and you had these two choices. 
Who would pick the real Eggo waffle first?  - Joe, Megan, Gram, Pop Pop, Ian
Pop-Tart - Alli, Patrick
Theresa - I don't want either of them. 
Avery - I want both! 
Gram - I like Pop Pop's waffles best. 
Theresa - Yes, a real Belgian waffle and a strawberry Pop-Tart. 

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  1. What fond memories Megan has of her Grandma's house of food goodies, something she couldn't get elsewhere! (only grandparents get to spoil the kids, not the parents :-) ) The cooked version of the pop-tart does look like Cheez-Whiz or mustard on top...which isn't too appetizing of a thought :-( When I saw the packaging for the pop-tart, I thought the yellow lines were simulating the "waffle-look" of how you have those raised intersecting lines in a real waffle...unfortunately, the actual pop-tart's intersecting "lines" became "curvy" segments, which does not evoke the waffle-look...instead looks as if Cheese-Whiz or mustard was squeezed on top! I like Gram's preference of Pop Pop's homemade waffles as a good breakfast alternative to both the Eggo waffle and the Eggo pop tart :-) EOM