Friday, February 10, 2023

ICEE Sandwich Cookie taste test comparison, Cherry and Blue Raspberry

While Theresa was out grocery shopping at Fry's (a Kroger company), she saw these ICEE cookies. She didn't even text me to ask. She just bought them. She knows. (This was over the summer of 2022 in Palm Springs)

J&J Snack Foods, the parent company of ICEE, has decided to bring us their frozen ICEE drinks in cookie form! And it's in both of their two classic flavors. Both Cherry and Blue Raspberry are go-to classics! 

America's favorite frozen beverage is now in a cookie! 
I like how they say to try the other flavor. I was curious if the Polar Bear mascot had a name, and as near as I could tell, he's just called the ICEE Bear. 

We are visiting Palm Springs California and let me tell you, it is hot! After a little bit of online searching, Theresa found a nearby gas station that sells ICEEs in store. I brought along the ICEE cookies to do this taste test in the car because I wasn't confident in the ability of the ICEE drinks to survive the 5 minute car ride back home. 
Theresa got the truck started and the AC running while I paid and then dashed out with our drinks quickly to the truck. 

Let's take a look at those cookies. The creme filling is quite bold. 
And when I opened the packages, wow, the smell of the cookies was intense! The Cherry aroma was so powerful! The Blue Raspberry a bit less so. 

The cookies themselves don't have any ICEE taste to them, besides what the creme has given them. They are butter cookies and they have two different designs on them. One is the ICEE logo surrounded by snowflakes. The other is the ICEE Bear, also surrounded by snowflakes. 

Remember how bold those colors were of the creme filling? The color of the frozen ICEE is even more saturated! 

The creme filling seems really soft. Like icing consistency. I'm not sure if that's typical, or if that's just the heat here in Palm Springs. 

Theresa scooped our partially melted ICEEs into mini cups for everyone to sample. We've had them lots of times before, but it's always good to re-familiarize yourself with what the flavor is supposed to be. 

Alli's favorite flavor is the Cherry. Ian thinks Blue Raspberry is the best. 

Alli likes the Cherry because it tastes like medicine. Ian doesn't like the Cherry because it tastes like medicine. Two different responses to the same input. 

Yum! At least this part of it is a good taste test. Cold ICEEs on a hot day are perfect! 

The cookies were a different story.

According to the package, the creme filling is suppose to have "Pop & Fizz of a Classic ICEE!" I've had some Cherry Cola OREO cookies that had Pop Rocks in them to simulate carbonation. In the ICEE cookies creme filling, there's random pops here and there, but they were very small and easy to miss.    

I thought the Cherry flavor was a very very good flavor match to the frozen Cherry ICEE. If anything the cookies were even stronger cherry flavor than the frozen ICEE. Theresa was not a fan. Nor was Alli or Ian. Jacob and I thought the Cherry ICEE cookies were actually decent. It's got a strong ICEE flavor, so it's delivering on everything I thought it should. 
For the Blue Raspberry ICEE cookies, they do have that classic ICEE Blue Raspberry flavor. The flavor for this cookie though is a little more toned down. And the creme/icing inside has a similar amount of "popping", namely that there isn't much. I was the only one who thought these were okay. 

Well at least we got Giant ICEEs out of it on this hot day! 

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  1. At least the cookie designs and the creme filling colors didn't disappoint...too bad the taste didn't quite deliver (looking at Ian's & Alli's faces we know how "good" the cookies tasted to them!) But, having ICEEs on a hot day is always a win!! EOM