Friday, February 3, 2023

Thunder Junction Park in St George Utah

We're staying in Hurricane Utah and 20 minutes away in St George there's a really great park nearby that we wanted to visit called Thunder Junction! 

But before that, we've got a few walking miles to get in. There's a path nearby called the Santa Clara River Trail. 

It goes by some cool rocks. 

But despite going at 10am, it's still very hot out today. Glad we brought water. 

Alli - Walk in my shadow Ian. 

Trying to keep him cool and shaded from the sun. 

Jacob is in that hotel right over there. We waved as we went by. 

There we go. A mile from Tonaquint Park. 

The rest of the park seemed pretty nice, but that's not our destination. 

This is Thunder Junction All Access Park

A public park in the city of St George. 

The best part of this park is the theming! More than any other public park I've seen, Thunder Junction is a theme park! A volcano, dinosaurs, and more! Let's go explore!

There's only one entrance to the area, a nice open grass field. 

Today is a good day to have a good day. 

Let's go see!

A full size Triceratops! 

And a jungle treehouse beside a volcano with slides through rocks, 

Even a zipline!

But the kids were really looking forward to the water play area! 

Especially in this heat. 

It was a nice chance to cool down. 

And the theming continued over here too. 

Look who took a break from working and joined us! 
It's Jacob! Just a quick visit today, but we'll be seeing him a lot more in our next adventure together. 

The park even has a snack shack with pretty reasonable prices!

The kids get birthday money and "just because" money from people and wanted to spend some here. 

Go for it! Here's the money. You know what to do. 

Both came back with bomb pops. No big surprise. 

One more thing making Thunder Junction special is a Railroad that encircles the park!

Just $1 per rider. Got your wooden token? 

Similar to Disneyland where we wave at the conductor as they come in. 

Best place to sit? Right in the front! 

It's an 8 minute loop around the park and I captured it on video if you're interested in watching. 

And are they tired after all that? Nope! They wanted to go swimming when we got back to the RV park! Fun times! We'd go back to the park once more before leaving Utah and had a lot of fun there! 

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  1. Nothing like a cool swim after a hot day :-) Wow...Thunder Junction Park is quite the public park...aside from the themed slides and water play area, having a zip line and a railroad train ride puts it over the top (despite the loudness of the train ride based on the kids reactions :-) ). Jacob was quite the traveler in 2022!...always good to see him again. EOM