Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Starburst Duos Gelatin Taste Test Comparison

Today we get to try a new Starburst experience! Not just one flavor of Starburst gelatin but two in one! It's Starburst Duos! 

We last got a look at Starburst Duos chewy candies when Starburst made gelatin back in 2020. Starburst made 4 fruit flavors, Strawberry, Lemon, and Cherry, but instead of making their classic Orange, they opted for Blue Raspberry! The only Blue Raspberry Starburst I could find was part of their new Starburst Duos!

Starburst Duos candies have Blue Raspberry/Lemonade and Strawberry/Watermelon. 

So I was happy to see that the Starburst Duos Gelatin featured those same 4 flavors! 

Kids! I need some help in the kitchen! Let's make some Jello together!

Alli started us off by pouring the Blue Raspberry gelatin powder into a heat proof cup. 

Then I poured in the boiling water. 

Ian followed suit with the Strawberry gelatin. 

Give it a stir for 2 minutes to dissolve everything!

Once everything has mixed together, we add a little bit of cold water to get these chilling and the poured into cups. 

All set to go into the fridge. 

Kids - Can we drink some of it? 

Ninety minutes later, we were back in the kitchen stirring up the next flavor and pouring it on top of the flavors we made previously. 

And after dinner when everyone gathered, it was time to give it a try! 

To remove the gelatin from the paper cups, I briefly put them in hot water to loosen the gelatin from the edges. The Blue Raspberry top sits above a Lemonade base. 

Where they meet in the middle, it's a pleasing green. 

But if you get a good look from the side, it's a clear separation. How about that! We're learning color mixing and enjoying dessert. 

For the second gelatin, the pink strawberry is only really visible against a white backdrop. Otherwise the green watermelon seems to have taken over. 

Someone does not care for ANY gelatin desserts. She dislikes the texture. 

Ian - Mmm! 
Mickey - Megan has started with Jello shots!
Megan - It's a pretty big Jello shot. Blue Jello is my favorite Jello. It's comfort food. 
Patrick - I'm not the biggest blue raspberry fan, but it's a good combination. 
Megan - It's delicious. I approve. 

Joe - Does blue raspberry and lemon go together? 
There was general approval all around. 
Ian - I don't really like it. 

Avery - I love it. It melts in your mouth. 
Theresa - Avery hasn't even gotten down to the blue raspberry and she still likes it. 

And the watermelon/strawberry? 
Patrick - Oooh, that one is good. I like it!
Sheila - Why isn't it pink? 
Joe - It's difficult to tell. You need something behind it to see the color. It's not a hot pink gelatin. 
Sheila - I like this one better. 
Ian - Bleh! I don't like the flavors. 

Megan - I like Jello and homemade whipped cream. 
Avery - I liked all of them the best. 

Patrick - Starbursts are better. 
Megan - Jello just doesn't have as intense of a flavor as the candy. 
Avery - Yummy!
Patrick, Mickey, and Avery all liked the blue raspberry/lemon Jello better than the candy. The rest of us thought the candy was better. 
That was different than the strawberry/watermelon jello where Sheila, Mickey, Megan, Patrick, and Avery all liked the Jello better than the candy. 

The watermelon flavor of the Starburst really reminded me of the Melon flavor at Club Cool. My favorite!
Overall, not a bad taste test. Thanks Starburst!

Show us how to take care of the rest of them! 


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  1. Oh my goodness...Patrick just sucked it up in one fell swoop and down his throat...Megan didn't have a chance :-) The strawberry/watermelon jello sounds very popular...but both jello combinations were pretty to look at. But I guess the sweetness of the Starburst Duo candy is still the sweeter deal :-) EOM