Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Happy Valentines Day! Handing out treats at Disney World! Giving out 300 bags of candy to Disney Cast Members!

Today we're doing something fun! We love our holidays and love making people smile. A few years ago we were flying on Halloween and decided to dress up and hand out candy to everyone we saw! Then last year during Halloween, we made 375 bags of candy and handed them all out to cast members at Disney World

It's Valentine's Day and that seems like a good enough excuse to go do it again! 

This sort of thing doesn't just happen. There's planning that goes into it all. Buying enough candy and valentines to hand out to everyone. 

Tearing apart those little Valentine cards you'd get in elementary school to hand out to classmates and seal with a sticker. And Richard and Chi are out visiting us for a few days!

And then setting up an assembly line to get all the bags filled. Open the bags, stuff a valentine inside, add a sucker, 2 Hershey's kisses, a larger candy bar, then zipping it closed. We had a good system going. 
I told Ian that each bag gets 2 kisses. He jokingly kissed the bag two times then handed it on. 

That's going to be a lot of candy! Will it all fit in the backpacks we're bringing? 

So much that it's falling off the table!

The next day was Valentines! Ian made us all cards with a pipe cleaner bracelet inside. Crazy morning hair!

Thanks buddy!

And Sour Punch Straws and some Disney spending money from Grandpa and Grammy! Thanks! 
They will love that! 
The grandparents opted to spend the day at the RV park instead of walking all around Disney World with us. We'll see you tonight! 

I parked the truck and the kids got all set up and ready to go. The Dollar Tree and Michaels are great for getting outfitted for the day cheaply. You guys look great!

And as soon as we started seeing cast members, the kids were excited to start handing them out. 
Ian - I want to give some to the Police Officers because they keep us safe. 
Good idea buddy. 

While Theresa and Alli were getting their bag searched (and security was marveling at how much candy was in there), Ian and I made sure to get everyone we saw at the Ticket and Transportation Center. Followed then by the people at the Monorail and the Front Entrance. 

We got stopped on Main Street for the parade. We've never actually taken the time to park in one place to watch it. Alli wanted to stop and see it all. 

Hi Ariel!

Bye Minnie and Mickey! Sadly Maleficent wasn't blowing fire. That would have been cool to see. 

Let's go hand out some more Valentines!

From custodians, to food service workers, to photographers, we visited everyone we saw with a nametag. 

People working the lines. 

Taking a quick break to ride the People Mover around the park. 

But getting the cast members there too. 

And many of the cast members we met were so appreciative of the kind gesture. The kids got lots of hugs, fist bumps, and stickers. 

Taking a break to ride the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, one of our favorites at this park. Making sure to give Valentines to the workers at the front of the lines and everyone we could in the loading area. They move fast though! 

It's a beautiful sunny February day here, and the temperatures are 80F. The kids love their frozen treats!

Is the other person's better? Gotta check to be sure. 

And a little bit of real food in the way of Cheeseburger Spring Rolls. They are pretty delicious!

One of the places the kids absolutely loved giving out Halloween candy last time to was the Crystal Palace. There's so many servers and workers there who were so appreciative. When we came up to the door, one of the cast members from last time remembered us! She was so excited to see us again! She shuffled the kids inside and they gave out dozens of Valentines, even having the kitchen staff come out to see them. 

And then getting a picture with many of them. Lots of hugs and thank yous!

Alli had to get a photo in front of the pink tree. Both Alli and Theresa are perfectly pink today!

We're starting to run out of Valentines, but there's still a few places we haven't visited. 

More popsicles? You kids sure are getting spoiled this Valentines Day. And getting free buttons from a cast member saying we're celebrating Valentines Day. 

Making this pink hat look good. I got a few compliments on it today. 

Before we go, let's take a quick ride on the Jungle Cruise! Say goodbye to the people on the dock. 

We had a great skipper! Love how each visit to the jungle is a little different. 

It's been a great day! So many smiles on both sides. Cast Members and us. We've had a fun time spending our day making everyone else's a little brighter. 

Back home for dinner, it's been tradition to have cheese fondue, and it's something the kids look forward to every year. 

And we made a delicious butter chicken to go along with it. 

For dessert, Theresa treated us to chocolate dipped strawberries. 

So good! It's strawberry season here in Florida and they are super sweet!

Alli came around after dinner to give everyone her Valentines gifts. Earlier today she had everyone write down some "wishes" on sheets of paper. I wrote things like "back massage", "new hat", "fun day out with family". 

She collected those wishes and made everyone a wish jar. 

Every day, you can reach inside, pull out a wish, and she'll make it happen. Cute Alli!
Today has been a really good day! 

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  1. "Love making people smile!"...what a wonderful motto!...lots of smiles captured on the CM faces, even one CM who was feeling so touched in the heart as seen by his hand gesture! much love felt by everyone (pretty neat that the one of the CMs from the Crystal Palace remembered all of you from the last time!) Everyone was dressed up perfectly for the day, such sparkly accessories...thoughtful Valentine's Day card & homemade bracelet by Ian...great Wish Jar idea by Alli (very creative). Valentine's Day was extra special since Grandpa & Grammy were visiting (glad it was sunny & warm, a nice change of pace from Michigan weather right now :-) ). EOM