Monday, October 31, 2022

Happy Halloween! Reverse Trick-or-Treating at Disney World! Giving out 375 bags of candy to Disney Cast Members!

Happy Halloween! We've got a really fun day planned! It's gonna be pretty incredible! 

About a week before Halloween, the kids were getting started on Halloween decorations. They go crazy with their paper, markers, and tape. 

Once we got to Orlando RV, the kids saw the neighbor's decorations. 
Ian - Alli, we're going to need more paper. 

They got to work making even more, even bigger decorations. 
Ian - Real mummies have red eyes, right Alli? 

They taped together so much paper. 
Alli - How many "He's" should the witch say? 
Ian - "He he he he... he". 5 Alli. 

The RV campground has some activities. We decorated some wooden Halloween cutouts. 

And did a directed drawing class. It's a scarecrow. 

But there's one big thing that we've been planning for months. Ever since we left Florida and I could make new reservations, I saw that October 31st was a day we were allowed to go to the parks. I made sure to book a day at the Magic Kingdom on Halloween. Why? Because one of the most fun times we've ever had was doing reverse trick-or-treating! In 2019, we were flying on Halloween Day. With a 2 hour layover, the kids had an awesome time giving away candy to strangers in the airport and on the airplane. That sounded like a lot of fun to do again! Theresa and I bought ~50 pounds of candy, and the kids helped put 3-4 pieces in snack baggies, separated by chocolatey and fruity. 

Then in the morning on Halloween Day, we were off to Disney World to go to the Magic Kingdom! 

You two look adorable! Alli is dressed like Vanellope Von Schweetz and Ian is Wreck It Ralph! They each have small pails of candy, one just fruity, the other chocolate. Theresa and I are wearing heavy backpacks with all the rest of the candy for when their buckets run out. 

And we started giving out candy right away! 
Kids - "Happy Halloween! Would you like a treat? You can have chocolate or fruity!"
<after they were done> Ian - Have a spooktacular day!

It continued at security. 

The greeters at the ticket booths. 

And pretty much every single cast member that we saw. The kids had a great time finding all the cast members and offering them candy. 

Many of them were surprised to be on the receiving end of getting a treat. We heard "You made my day!" so many times!

Taking a break to ride on Big Thunder Mountain. 

Petting a rat by the Haunted Mansion!

So many people were surprised. The kids were so adorable! 

Anyone with a cast member badge got candy offered to them. Everyone does their part to help keep the magic alive here. We're very happy that we can make them smile today too! 

And for their part, cast members were so very thankful and did what they could to make our day magical. This cast member gave them each a sprinkle of pixie dust! 

Now Alli looks sugar coated!

After giving this cast member a treat, he said he wanted to show them a trick! We watched as he drew Mickey Mouse on the ground, and Ian told him that it was amazing!

We had a blast riding the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train!

And Space Mountain! Since it was a Halloween Party day, I think many people skipped this park and so the lines are not too bad here today!

And besides the pixie dust and drawing, the kids received more stickers than they'll ever know what to do with. If a cast member had stickers in their pocket, they gave one to the kids in exchange for the candy. One even gave them an entire roll of stickers! 
Ooh, some tasty treats!

Tonight at the Magic Kingdom there's a special Halloween party that you need a separate ticket for. We're not going, but we've had an amazing day handing out candy. 

This cast member is prepared! She's got stickers of so many different characters! Who's your favorite character? 
Ian - Dash! 
She hands him a Dash sticker. 
Alli - Donald! 
Out comes a Donald sticker. 
Joe - Hercules!
Ooh, sorry, no Hercules stickers. 
Joe - Hades, Gaston, Jack Skellington, Anger, Pascal?
None of those either, but still, a good collection of the regular characters. 

Over at the Crystal Palace, the kids ran up to the greeter just outside the doorway and gave her candy. Then looking just inside the doorway, there were at least another 15 greeters and servers. The kids went inside and handed out candy to everyone! Then some cast members led them around the restaurant to other cast members for the kids to hand them candy too. 

Even Tigger got some candy! At this one stop, I think we gave out candy to at least 30 cast members! There were so many smiling and appreciative faces here. It was such a good feeling. 

It's nearing 6pm when the park is open just for party go-ers. The kids signed this cast members' autograph book so she could remember who gave her a treat. 

See you real soon! We've only got a few bags of candy left to give away!

In the end, the kid gave away about 375 bags of candy to so many different cast members. We were rewarded with so many fun memories and knowing we made a whole lot of people smile. The cast members do so much to make everyone else's days magical, I'm glad that we were able to give back a little. 

The kids were okay leaving the Magic Kingdom because we've got to get home and do some trick-or-treating of our own! Your decorations look amazing kids!

Our RV campground is having a giant trunk-or-treat celebration! And the earlier we get there, the better chance we have of them not running out of candy! There's a ton of people here compared to last year!

Joe - Hi Barney!
Ian - Who is Barney? 

Love the costumes!

Maui and Moana were giving out beaded necklaces. 

And these Hogwarts students had finger lights! Awesome!

All the candy they collected, which then got sorted and traded back and forth for favorites. 
We all had an amazing time today! Happy Halloween!

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  1. How SPECIAL!!...Alli & Ian see how giving freely brings inner joy and gratitude...they (and Mom & Dad) get to experience bringing smiles and much thankfulness to others with simple acts of how the family helped to bring magic to the cast members...the cast members will treasure those moments! Cute costumes Alli & your Halloween drawings, especially the Mummy with the red eyes and the number of "He's" from the witch (that was funny/cute how Ian decided how many "He's" were needed :-) ) Looks like a lot of fun with the rest of the RV crowd to celebrate the various Halloween festivities (btw, welcome back to Orlando, Florida!...hard to believe 6 months had passed!) EOM