Monday, October 10, 2022

Wrapping up our visit to Battle Ground Washington with family - 2022/07/11-20

Let's wrap up our visit to Battle Ground Washington, hanging out with my brother, his family, and all the rest of the Flowers family. 

Coffee is a favorite of many of the Flowers family. There's lots of cute coffee shops near their house. 

Good coffee. 

Good company. 


Boys... can't take them anywhere. 

But speaking of weird sights to see... Later that day we went to the movie theater. A guy walked by in just shorts and flip flops, taking his cow for a walk. 

The littles went with Gram and Pop Pop to watch Paws of Fury, while the adults saw Thor Love and Thunder together. 

Once we did that, the day is still young. 

The kids enjoyed the slip n slide while Uncle Patrick sprayed them with water from above. 

Alli and Avery playing the game Pop Pop made above, getting pulled around the deck on a blanket. 

Isaac pushing the girls in the swing. 

There's so much good food to be had here, Ian was especially excited when we decided to make his favorite. Cheese fondue!

Melted cheese goes well with a lot of things. 

Playing Mario Kart together. 

Gotta get Mario across that finish line. 

Reading with Emma. 

It's been a fun week together, but tomorrow some of the group is headed back to Colorado. Good to see you Avery!

See you again soon! 

We have been busy a lot of the time we were here. Visiting the Tillamook Factory, Fort Clatsop, Mount St Helens, on top of doing a lot of different taste tests, going to the movies, playing games together, shooting BB guns, and more. But I think my favorite memories of being together were the evenings, when we'd all head to the back porch and talk. 

Theresa and Jon would pull out their guitars, and we would request songs and sing together. 

Even a nearby owl came out to see what we were up to. 

The best.

Checking out the International Space Station as it flies by overhead. 

After getting people dropped off at the airport in the morning, Megan came by the RV campground and then we all headed a few miles down the road to check out Oregon's highest waterfall, Multnomah Falls. 

At the bottom of the falls is a really pretty bridge, BUT we're not going to get to see it! Upon pulling up to the parking lot, which is actually in the center of the freeway, we learned that like some other National Park sites, they have moved to timed entry to keep the crowds down. 

So this is the closest we were able to get. Oh well. Another time perhaps. 

While we were busy with that, Jon was busy putting together another puzzle. 

Some of the local wildlife cutting through their backyard. Maybe they're after some of those blackberries. 

For our last night here, we ended up heading to a nearby lake that they like to hike around. 


All the food we've eaten here, it is nice to get out a walk it off. 

Until it's time to eat again... After having the cheese fondue before, the kids were wondering when we were going to have chocolate fondue. 

At least there's a lot of fruit to go with this one. 

It's been a great visit to Washington. 

It was so good seeing everyone and being all together in one place! Thank you Jess and Jon for opening your home to us! 

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  1. What beautiful sunsets from the back deck!...perfect backdrop for those evening family gatherings talking and singing around the fire pit...the video captured some of those special moments for posterity. It was an extra special time in Washington because the entire Flowers family were there!...not an easy feat to accomplish in today's busy times. I can see why that lake is a favorite place to hike around...peaceful and beautiful. A "pet" cow being taken for a walk! that is a first for me. The week together went too fast for many different things shared together...hard to say good-bye at the end. EOM