Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Tall Chief RV Park Washington State - Hanging out with Jacob and Todd - 2022/07/29-08/09

We're in Washington and look who else is here! Jacob! He's traveling around the country this summer too!

Let's have some tasty leftover cookies from my birthday! Yum! 

We walked around the RV park and even found the playground. I think we still fit, right? 

Ooh, we were excited to see that there was an 85C bakery nearby. We might have gone there a lot of times. And one of the specials they're running this month is a free coffee if you spend over a certain amount. 

It was a sea salt caramel coffee. 
Alli - This coffee is the deliciousest coffee I've ever had in my life! 

We've been moving around to lots of different cities and one of the things the kids enjoy doing is going to the different Chuck E Cheese arcades. They all have different games! 
Ian's seen Pop the Lock on YouTube a lot and this gave him the chance to play as much as he wanted to practice. He even won the jackpot a lot of times!

And they did great playing Super Monkey Ball too. Ian was consistently winning that jackpot too. 

Alli and I took on the 2 minute drill. 

Hi Chucky!

And prizes are cotton candy!

Walking around the campground, this was an interesting sight. This tree seemed like it was growing out of a bowl made from another tree. 

Jacob is here for dinner again! Let's go pick a few blackberries!

Ooh, that's going to be a good one!

It's giant and plump! My fingers are starting to stain from berry juice!

I took a bunch of those berries, added sugar and a little bit of heat. 

Cooked them all. 

And after straining them, I had a delicious blackberry syrup! 

Perfect for putting on top of ice cream! 


A delicious treat!

The next day we happened to be over at 85C bakery again. 
Ian - Is that Uncle Jacob? 
It is Uncle Jacob! We both had the same idea! 

Hmm, what am I doing with that box? 

Sending a few tasty treats to our family in Michigan! Sadly they didn't have all their favorites, but the Michigan family was still appreciative. 

Since we're in the area, another visit to Chuck E Cheese? 

I won the jackpot!

And set a high score on the 2 minute drill! All this practicing is paying off!

It's Todd! One of our friends and former co-workers moved up to Seattle a few years ago. It's always fun when we get to hang out with friends we haven't seen in a while! 
Todd is also a bit of a foodie and always has comments on my pizza creations. He even suggested the Cereal Pizza that I made a little over a year ago! We invited him over for pizza at our RV. I'll be posting that separately. 
I didn't realize he doesn't have a car and rented one to drive out to the campground to hang out with us! 

He's heard the kids talking a big game with all their card games and promised not to take it easy on them. And he didn't hold back, winning our game of Phase 10!

Good to see you Todd! There's still lots more to our stay here! Coming up soon!

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  1. How wonderful, being able to connect with a former co-worker and friend who moved up to Seattle...what a great reunion between Todd and the family...looks like a great time together. Even Jacob was in the Washington area...always fun times when getting together with him. What a treat to have a nearby 85C bakery...the Michigan folks loved it, too :-)...extra treat of the "deliciousest" coffee according to Alli! Seeing some Chuck E cheese arcade sharks in the making :-) A quick glance at the tree in the bowl reminded me of a sailboat (tree had the shape of a sail and the bowl looked like the ship part). What a great idea of making homemade blackberry syrup...made for a very yummy ice cream sundae...yum, yum! EOM