Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Visiting Seaside Oregon with Megan Pt 2 - 2022/07/21-28

Earlier we visited Cannon Beach and Haystack Rock. Today we're a little further north at Seaside Oregon.  

The end of the Lewis and Clark Expedition!

Just down the street from our RV park, is the Seaside Beach! Having experienced the difficulties of maneuvering The Beast (my truck) in tight spaces in Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach in California, I wasn't about to repeat that. I parked a few blocks away from the beach on a local street and we all walked to the sand. 

And I'm so glad we did! Along the way, we ran across a Community Herb Garden! Feel free to pick what you like! It reminded us of the mint that Grammy would grow in our yard, and the kids would always pick a leaf to chew on. We sent pictures to Grammy since it reminded us of her. 

And the whole yard here is beautifully creative. We happened to see the owner outside and gave him lots of compliments, saying how much we loved it. He gave all the praise to his wife though. She's the one behind all this. 

Let's head to the beach!

Walking along the long path to the sand. 

This sand is so fine here. 

And the beaches are enormously wide! There's so much sand here!

The kids and Megan had fun running in the water. 

And we might as well start digging in the sand. 

The wind is steady and strong here. I got a kite up in the air and tied it onto our backpack to keep it from flying away. 

Alli jumping the waves while Ian hauls water. 

Alli has a vendetta against all seabirds. They've wronged her in a past life or something. 

We've built a nice sea wall to protect our tide pool. 

And Ian found a sand dollar to live in our pool too. 

Needs a moat. 

All we need is a seat! I walked back up the beach a bit and found this waterlogged piece of driftwood. 

Perfect! Let's go explore a bit more. 

The sand is so flat here that even at low tide, there are small pools of ocean water that have built up. Ian found a large shell. 

The water is very shallow. 

Eventually we made our way to the main promenade of Seaside. 

Where we found a statue of Lewis and Clark. Mo's Seafood and Chowder is supposed to be good. Established all the way back in 1946, they must be doing something right. But, not being a fan of seafood, I opted to skip this. 

Looking out towards the ocean. 

Megan arrived before us in Seaside, so she wanted to show us a few of the places she discovered. 

She loves any independent coffee shop. 

I sent this picture to my Lord of the Rings loving brother. 

This was her next stop. 

The We're All Ears elephant ear shop. They've got lots of delicious flavors!

A large piece of dough gets thinned and placed into the hot oil. 

A very good suggestion Megan! Thank you for the treat! 

A single elephant ear is $7, or you can get a large which is twice the size for $10. 
Our first is a Canuck, with a maple glaze (tasted like donut glaze). And the other half is a Dutch Baby with butter, lemon, and powdered sugar. 
The Dutch Baby was my favorite of the two. 

Our other large ear is half Chocolatta and half Oregonian Strawberry. 
They were good separate, but even better when you had them together. 

Alli - Aunt Megan, can we have an Italian Soda? 
Megan - Sure! 
Alli - With whipped cream? 
Megan - Of course!
Alli enjoyed a strawberry soda with whipped cream. 

And Ian always likes watermelon flavored things, so he was thrilled to see an Italian soda flavored with watermelon. 

Just across the street is a Funland Arcade and Entertainment Center! We've been pretty into Chuck E Cheese lately so we were excited to see some new games. We're not planning on playing right now, but we'll watch others and see what they have. 

Sometimes it helps to just be a cute kid in the right place at the right time. Some adults are just here to have fun and play the games. They were gifted some cards that had tickets loaded on them, a ticket ring, and some super hero cards by different people. That's so nice!

There was quite a line to redeem tickets. So much that another couple saw it and decided to just give Alli their ticket cards instead. 

There's a lot of things they could get... 

But it's all about the candy for them! They had a lot of unique candies here including Smarties Squeeze Candy (which we hoped was rainbow colored, but turned out to be red), Fizzy Soda Candy (which we've tried before in a taste test), candy necklaces, giant Tootsie Rolls, Airheads, and more. 
It's been a great visit so far! We'll continue the rest soon!

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  1. What a fun, relaxing time at the Seaside beach! looked beautiful there, too. Those Elephant Ear treats look interesting and yummy...the Chocolatta one looks like the first one to try for me :-) ...nice find by Megan. Interesting, fun time in the arcade because of all the kind surprises from some of the adults there! That one photo in the Community Herb garden made me think of a maypole of dancing herbs :-) EOM