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Exploring Downtown Seattle Washington - 2022/08/02

This week we're in Washington! One of the places I really wanted to go see was Downtown Seattle! Let's go explore!

Looking at reviews of downtown Seattle and hearing from others, I knew that parking the Beast was going to be an issue. There's parking lots, but they're expensive, and tight, so I wasn't too keen to drive there. Instead, we're parking at a bus station and catching a ride in! That's going to save me on gas and parking! Perfect!

I just wasn't expecting the parking garage at the bus station to be so tight! The entrance showed a 9' limit, but that was only for the first level. Go up to the second level and we're within a couple inches of the roof of the truck! 

And we don't quite fit into a parking space, so we try to park away from others. 

The kids are getting hands-on learning for how to read a bus schedule! 

Let's ride! 

Soon enough our express bus to downtown Seattle arrived! 

Interesting fabric that looks like a map. 

The hum of the bus engine and rocking motion put Ian to sleep. 

About 50 minutes later, we had arrived! 

Our first stop is the Pike Place Market. 

It's here that you can find the very first Starbucks ever! There was quite a line to get in! 

So instead we'll just get a picture in front of it. 
What else can we find here? 

How about a Jacob? 
Hi Jacob! He's working in the area and came by on his lunch break to hang out with us! 

Piroshky Piroshky opened in 1992 bringing Russian hand-pies to the people of Seattle. 

There's quite a few different flavors here! Let's get a sampling! 

Watching a few of them being made. Hmm. Maybe I could try something like that. Hmm. 

Just down the sidewalk is Beecher's Handmade Cheeses. I bet we can find something tasty there!

All right here by the Public Market. 

There's a large vat where they are actively making cheese. 

But we're here for something warm to eat with lunch. Like the "World's Best" Mac & Cheese! You could get a small 8oz container for $8.49 or a large 16oz for $12.69. Wow, the markup on this is incredible. The worker scooped it out of a large cafeteria style pan, which must have been worth $200+ based on the number of servings inside it. 

Ooh, they also have other cheeses. We don't have access to refrigeration so we can't get anything now. Maybe later. 

Theresa has read good things about the Pike Place Chowder's Clam Chowder. She walked up and saw this huge line. But, being Theresa, she looked further and saw that they had an app and you were able to place an online order for immediate pickup. 

She skipped in front of all those people and picked up her soup a short time later!

Let's look around and find a place to eat! Aww, Alli found her favorite animal. A pig! And it's a huge one!

We found a spot right by a wall overlooking the ocean. 

Perfect for hanging out with friends!

Along with the snacks we brought, there's Pike Place Chowder, Beecher Mac & Cheese, and Piroshky Piroshky. All downtown Seattle staples. 

These Piroshky Piroshky hand-held pies were... not worth it. At $8 each, they were a bit small. And the flavors were good, but not bold enough. The Beef and Cheese tasted like onions, and had no cheese. The Chicken Curry was the best of them, but again could have had a lot stronger flavor. I could do better. I think I just might try. 

The Clam Chowder was okay (according to Theresa). Not great. I tried it just to say I did, and I won't be changing my mind on seafood any time soon. 

The Mac & Cheese was good and creamy, but it still hurt my heart to pay for it. All that time in the kitchen making things myself has spoiled me a bit on expensive foods. 
After lunch, Jacob had to take off and head back to work. We're on our own to explore!

We found different shops selling specialties, like eggs from all different fowl. 

Plush cows. 

Ooh, look at the berries!

Wow. Those are some impressive blackberries! $5 a box. The ones we can pick at our campground are free though!

Another pig!

There's lots of fresh fish here! 

And we get to see them tossing the fish around when someone places an order. 

And fresh flowers. 

Ooh, I've heard about this! We have to go see the gumwall!

Oh my! That's amazing!

So much gum! 

Do the businesses down here hate it or love it? 

I think we've got to add our pieces too!

One for Joe. 

A little higher for Ian. 

And the highest of all for Alli. 

Pink of course. Oh my. 

Another pig!

We spent the entire day wandering around the city, walking anywhere we wanted to go. I'll have separate posts for a few of the extra things we did. 

We had a really great day. 
Seattle had all the usual things you'll find in a big city. Walking over homeless people on the sidewalks, difficulty finding restrooms (none in Target or Walgreens), and even seeing people smoking crack in business doorways while a security guard encourages them to move on. I'm glad I don't live in the city, but it's fun to visit. 

I had hoped to catch Starbucks before they closed for the night. Despite arriving before their posted hours said they were closed, the doors were already locked and they weren't taking new customers. Bah. Oh well. 

The kids looking over the bus schedule to figure out our path back to the truck. 

And we're on our way back! The kids had a great time and so did we!

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  1. Full day exploring downtown Seattle...Pike Place Market was interesting with the variety of shops and eateries...original Starbucks! I can envision your homemade, mouth-watering Beef & Cheese Russian hand pie that would put to shame what you bought!...hope you take on the challenge! Quite a show when someone buys a fresh, whole fish...the tossing part is fun to watch (wonder how many "oops" moments they've had :-) ) Those were big pig statues...brought out the big smiles on Alli :-) Hmmm...that gumwall is "interesting"...looks like three of you have immortalized your presence there! P.S. Parking garages are stressful places when driving the Beast! EOM