Thursday, October 20, 2022

Visiting Seaside Oregon with a visit from Jess, Jon, and family

My Sister-In-Law Megan just left and we're already getting some new visitors here! It's my brother and his whole family! 

I love the retro sign that welcomes you to Seaside. 

What should we do? Why not head down the street to the beach again!

Taking the long walk across the sand out to the water. 

Theresa was inspired by that whale we saw a couple days ago made out of sand and thought it would be fun to try something like that ourselves! We've never done something like this, but figured it would be a good skill to have, seeing as we're at the beach so often. 
We'll start by digging out a large pit and piling sand in the center to make a mound. 

Probably should have done it a little closer to the ocean! You're supposed to saturate all this sand with water. I see a face, a long nose, arms, legs, and... a tail? 

Okay, it's starting to take shape. 

I brought the kites again and the twins let the twine out so far! I'm sure we were pushing the 300 feet that the spool holds! 

Can you tell what we're making yet? 

Now it's becoming clear. A giant turtle! 
Theresa and I watched a few YouTube videos ahead of time to get some tips and tricks. They suggested a straw to blow loose sand from the areas you've carved. 

There's our turtle. 

Jess, Theresa, and Jon, all focused on the head. They pulled up a few different pictures as a reference. 

The kids were welcome to help us, even carving out some of the leathery turtle skin, but they had fun making their own too. 

Beautiful kids!

And there's Shelly! 

Nice job everyone! For being everyone's first carved sand animal I think it turned out really well!

Shelly looks like she could be crawling out to the water. Go be free!

If there's one thing that this group loves, it's homemade chicken nuggets. I used Grammy's recipe and they devoured them. 

And maybe some tasty ice cream for dessert. 

The next morning, how about some breakfast? Jess really enjoyed the cinnamon rolls I made at her house, so I attempted to make them again. 

While Theresa made a double batch of Rice Krispy Treats for them to enjoy on their drive back home. 

A tasty breakfast? 

Eh, it was not my best work. I rushed it. They didn't have enough time to rise and the end result was a dense cinnamon roll. I myself said that they were hardly better than store-bought. I am ashamed. I will have to redeem myself in the future. 

The kids spent the next couple hours playing Mario Kart together. 

Or outside attempting to play badminton. 

We've loved having you out here to visit! Have a safe drive home! 

One of the places that Eli and Josh suggested we try while we were down here is the Public Coast Brewing Company. 

They've got their whole setup in plain view for everyone to see. 

And at the front of the store there's a large cooler filled with all the beverages they create. 

The twins suggested we try their Root Beer though. It's their favorite. So much that they even requested it for their birthday. 

Let's try it!

Yep, it's a smooth creamy root beer. Not too carbonated and full of good flavor. 

Stephen's Root Beer. 

Ah, because it's brewed by Stephen Snyder. Makes sense!
And they're saying that if we're feeling wacky, we should try it with a scoop of ice cream. I'm feeling wacky. What about you kids? 

On the way back home, we stopped at the market. We like to chat with the produce people because these kids love their fruits and veggies so much. He asked if they wanted something, and then gave them an organic banana each. Thanks!

A little West Coast Root Beer and East Coast Ice Cream! We had fun seeing the Ben & Jerry's campus in Vermont last year!

And how is it? Delicious! Thanks for the suggestion Josh and Eli!

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  1. A wacky idea that's also yummy...delicious root beer + ice cream makes for an extra delicious wacky treat! Like the words on the back of the Root Beer can...very nostalgic. Great time seeing (again) Jon, Jess, and their four time at the beach...great-looking giant sea turtle (very nice job by everyone!) along with the baby turtle by Ian & Alli (can't let the mamma turtle be alone!) Look at those concentrating, gaming expressions as they battle it out with Mario Kart :-) Nice to capture all the cousins enjoying (or enjoyed) the famous chicken nuggets...hard to catch them all at once doing the same thing in the same photo! Wonderful time seeing Jon, Jess, and family again. EOM