Friday, March 5, 2021

Soda Can Fizzy Candy

The kids have a fun taste test today. It's one of those random candies in a fun packaging. Today we're trying Soda Can Fizzy Candies. 

And each of these Fizzy Candies is meant to represent a real soda, so we're going to have that along with it! That's what makes the kids really excited!
Here's the packaging it comes in. 

It's just like a 6 pack of sodas. 

There's 4 flavors to try. Crash Orange, Loca Cola, Sprint Lemon Lime, and Splash Grape. 

Let me tell you just how fun it was to try to get all the candies out of the tiny hole in the top. It's barely big enough for one of these pellets to slide out, so if one tries to go through sideways, it gets stuck. All the colors look appropriate to the flavor except the grape. It must be representing a green grape instead of purple grapes. 

These weren't filled to the top for some reason. Only 2/3rds apparently. 

And even less than that because the bottom of the can isn't flat, but instead it's an inverted sphere. Each of cans I counted had around 38 pellets inside. 

Let's eat them! 

We started with the sodas. The kids liked the orange soda okay. The candies themselves are interesting too. Instead of just being the same flavor as the soda, there's also a couple other ingredients that make it interesting. 
After the first ingredient (sugar), the next two ingredients are citric acid and sodium bicarbonate. When those two mix together they react chemically and produce fizzy bubbles! This candy fizzes in your mouth!
You can either let it sit on your tongue and dissolve slowly, making little bubbles. Or you can crunch the candy and mix everything together quickly. That's the method we preferred. 

Next up is Coca Cola and Loca Cola candies. Ian loves cola flavored candies and he loved this one. I definitely taste the cola flavor. The bubbling candy to go along with it is great. 

Mommy came over and wasn't a fan of the fizzy candy. 

Trying the Sprite, it's certainly the most carbonated of all the sodas. With all the carbonation, there was a bit of belching going on, generating a few laughs. The kids didn't really like Sprite, saying that it was too carbonated for them. Alli thought it tasted too sour. 
I think they did a great job on the candies making them taste like lemon-lime. And the fizziness just enhances it even more. 

For our very last drink we're trying the Grape flavor. Ian hated it, saying it tasted like medicine. And that's why Alli loved it. She likes the taste of medicine and thought it was wonderful. 
The candy didn't have a medicine flavor though. It wasn't quite that artificial grape that I know and love. 

They both loved trying all the different types of candies and sodas. We did wonder why there were only 4 flavors though when there were 6 different cans. Ian thought they should have had more flavors. When I asked for suggestions, they decided a Root Beer flavor and a Strawberry flavor would have made good candies too. 

There was no question which one was their favorite. Coca Cola was their favorite soda, and Loca Cola was their favorite candy. My favorite soda was Grape and my favorite candy was Lemon-Lime. 


  1. Such cute packaging for the candy, mini soda cans! Thought the kids would have fun having the candy fizz on their tongues, instead of crunching it...maybe it took too long to fizz?? Alli is probably the only one I've heard to like the taste of medicine :-)...guess she really does like everything (almost). That was fun to try the different sodas and the associated candy (root beer & strawberry sound like good ideas for new fizz candy flavors, especially root beer!). EOM

    1. It was a light fizz versus something really active. You could tell it was doing something, but it was really apparent when you crunch it. Yeah go figure with why she likes the flavor of medicine so much. She's interesting about the flavors she likes and loves.