Friday, March 19, 2021

Saint Patrick's Day 2021

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! We've had fun celebrating this holiday in various ways already this week. We had Potato Pizza, Leprechaun Gold Cookies, Green Donuts, and homemade Shamrock Shakes. This is a final post to wrap everything up.  

On our walks, I was really curious to see if that Valentines Tree that we found would be updated for a new holiday. It was!

There's so much going on in this tree! 

Lots of clovers, leprechauns, pots of gold, lucky charms, and if you look hard enough you might find a four leaf clover!

For our yard, I changed out the heart from valentines with a giant green clover. 

As we were getting closer and closer to Saint Patrick's Day, I commented to the kids that we didn't have all that many pictures for this holiday. Well they must have taken that as a challenge. When I came downstairs from working for the day, they had each made 9 drawings. The next day, they did another 18 each, all with some leprechaun, often doing something naughty. 

I love the picture that Alli drew of Lucky. 

The kids both made leprechaun traps this year. Ian's had a sign for free gold along with bait, then a hole that Lucky would fall into. 

For Alli's, somehow Lucky will bounce on the tape, try to get the gold, but fall through the piece of paper acting as a lid. Lucky ended up in Alli's trap and left them a lot of Brachs butterscotch disks for gold. 

Alli even made a card for her teacher. We've had a fun time this week celebrating!


  1. What a St. Patrick's Day tree...that neighbor really filled it up...also nice to see the family's green-lit clover bush to join in the spirit! Whoa...that's what I call a wall of pictures...Ian & Alli kept their drawing hands very, very busy. They also get to juice up their creative minds with their leprechaun traps...quite an imagination! Awwwwwwwwww, Alli, how sweet to think of your teacher that way...your teacher must have been extra touched! EOM

    1. Like you'd said before, our neighborhoods do a pretty good job of decorating for the different holidays. And we like adding our little touches as well.
      I do like how the kids are thoughtful about others.