Sunday, March 28, 2021

Funfetti Bundt Cake

We're celebrating a birthday today! No, not our kids, but one of the kids' friends in Ian's class. I think we should make her a cake! A sprinkled birthday cake will be perfect! 

Both kids were really excited to help make the cake for their friend. 
It starts with a boxed cake mix, but it doesn't stop there. We're going to improve upon it. Alli helped pour it into a large mixing bowl. 

Then added a packet of vanilla pudding. 

Ian is cracking a few eggs for us. 

Adding a bit of sour cream. 

And some oil. 

Ian did a good job greasing the bundt pan with shortening and then flouring it so the cake doesn't stick. 

While Alli learns the Alton Brown folding method to mix all the ingredients together. Along with the other ingredients, Alli added a few of the Funfetti Sprinkled morsels we had back when we tried all those Funfetti items

Theresa poured it into Ian's floured bundt pan. 

We're ready to bake! 

After frosting and covering with sprinkles, it was ready to deliver!

Along with a couple homemade cards and some presents from the kids, it was very happily received! Happy Birthday Brylie!


  1. Happy Birthday, Brylie! What a special Funfetti birthday bundt cake made with lots of special friendship love. Ian, Alli, & Brylie are fortunate to have each other as good friends! EOM

    1. They've certainly missed hanging out this year. But they always enjoy when they can see each other on a special occasion.