Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Saint Patrick's Day Treats - Green Donuts

Time for another Saint Patrick's Day Treat! 
Normally around this time of year, I would try to get over to Krispy Kreme to get a box of their green Saint Patrick's Day donuts. This year though, we're going to make green donuts at home!

Back in November we made Krispy Kreme Donuts at Home, but the flavor wasn't quite what I was hoping. I'm going to give another recipe a shot. This time it's a recipe from NYTimes Cooking for Classic Glazed Doughnuts

I have blue food coloring and yellow food coloring, and mixing them I'll get green donut batter. This needs a little time to rise. I covered the dough bowl and we left for 2 hours for a bike ride. 

It's time to make the donuts!

One quick thing before we get started. The kids cut out strips of parchment, and then cut those into further squares. 

The dough is all puffy and ready to be rolled out.

After flouring the countertop, I split the dough in half and then Ian took his first crack at rolling the dough flat for cutting. 

Cutting out donuts! 

Those are looking great! All ready for another rise to become light and airy!

Alli's turn to roll out the dough. 

Then cut them out. 

Properly cut out, this is ready to go on the parchment squares.

An hour later, after rising in a warmed oven, these are all ready for the fry oil. 

These bright green beauties are going to fry for 45 seconds in 375F oil and then get flipped over. 

Aww! What happened to my beautiful green donuts! It's okay, I knew this was going to happen. We'll take care of it with the icing. 

Speaking of, with powdered sugar and a little milk, I mixed up a few different colors. My donuts are cooled down and ready to dip. 

Lucky is hanging out by our gold nuggets. 

And our other donuts are looking pretty good too. I could have probably thinned out the icing a little further than what was on the recipe, but I'll follow directions this time. 


Let's eat them!

What's the verdict Theresa? They were very light and fluffy. And the flavor was more similar to Krispy Kreme than last time. 

Great job kids!

They were so light and fluffy!

Thumbs up from Rich and Chi. 

This recipe said it would make about a dozen donuts, but when it was all done, we had 24 donuts plus some donut holes. Yikes! Sharing is caring, so the kids put together a plate for our neighbor. 

They made our neighbor some Leprechaun drawings to go with the donuts too. Very thoughtful guys! 
Today's donuts were fun to make and delicious to eat! Nice work! 


  1. That was a fun, delicious St. Patrick's Day treat to eat and share! light and fluffy and perfectly green :-)...I'm sure the neighbors appreciated the fresh treats and Leprechaun drawings! Great baking job, and with a Disney touch, too! EOM

    1. It's always interesting to eat weird colored food. These were fun to make and fun to share!