Friday, March 12, 2021

Veteran's Parkway - Greenbelt Hike

The kids have been loving our walks every night and they really wanted to set a new record. It's a lot more fun when you don't have to stop and wait for cars or anything like that. We need a trail!

Luckily for us, going right through the middle of Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach is a 7.9 mile out and back hike that will work perfectly for us!

It goes by a few names. Veteran's Parkway might be the official name, but I've heard it called the Wood Chip Trail, or the Green Belt. Why the green belt? Well in the concrete jungle of the beach cities, where yards and grass aren't as common, it's an area lined with trees and bushes that splits the cities in half, like a belt. 

We finished our dinner early, knowing it was going to take a while. Even though there's no cars, these guys have short legs, so it'll still take us a little while. We started at the end of the Hermosa side, parking on Herondo Street in an area with free parking. I also gave the kids a challenge. Count how many dogs we see during the hike!

The hike goes through Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach, finishing at the Manhattan Village Mall. 

It took almost 3 hours, but these guys were champs! They loved the trail and seeing the new sights. Their legs were a little tired towards the end, but we made it! We tacked on just a little extra to make it an even 8.0 miles. Not bad for a 5 and 7 year old! And in the end, we counted 57 dogs!



  1. That was quite a hike for everyone, especially for Ian & Alli...8 miles (and a lot of dogs)!!!...good energy everyone! Great to have a trail without too many obstacles along the way. Hope Alli's & Ian's little legs still feel okay in the morning :-) EOM

    1. They loved it and they already want to do it again! We'll keep an eye on the next warm evening and probably plan a picnic dinner or something to take with us.
      They definitely won't need a stroller on our next trip to Disneyland!