Sunday, March 7, 2021

National Cereal Day - Saturday Morning Cereals - Funfetti Cereal, Funfetti cupcakes, and Funfetti cereal cupcakes - March 7th

It's National Cereal Day, and it's time to go back and revisit the Funfetti cereal that we tasted, along with 12 other Funfetti things a few weeks ago! Back then, we only had a little bit of time to test the cereal, and a bunch of other things at the same time. 

And as part of our normal method of operation, you know we're going to be tasting these along with the regular Funfetti cupcakes. 
My brother, who sent me the cereal, also gave me another challenge. Try to make cupcakes out of the cereal! Oh my! We'll see how that goes...

The back of the box is very busy. It looks like the all the Funfetti cereal pieces have grown faces. 
The bottom of the box tells us to look for the Funfetti Pancake Mix. Oh don't worry. We've tried that. 

So, how to make cupcakes out of the cereal... 
I found a generic recipe for vanilla cupcakes and looked at the ingredient list. It included AP Flour, Baking Powder, Salt, Butter, Sugar, Eggs, Vanilla extract, and Sour Cream. 
Looking at the ingredient list of the cereal, I'm seeing it has flour (albiet corn flour), sugar, salt, and flavorings. I'll be leaving those out of what I'm adding to this recipe. 

First I need to turn this cereal back into flour. I weighed out a bit to be the equivalent of the flour and sugar the recipe called for. I called the kids over and they immediately started eating through my cereal that I had just weighed out! Hey! Get out of there! 

Theresa stopped by and hey! You get out of there too! 

Using my Vitamix blender, I poured all the cereal into the top. 

The kids still don't like the loud noises that come from it. 

There's our final flour and sugar mixture!

In the bowl I mixed together butter and baking powder. Alli cracked an egg for us. 

Then Ian added sour cream. 

This will be an interesting experiment!

I added our dry mixture to the wet ingredients and mixed everything together. 

The result was something that was a whole lot drier than normal cupcake mix that I'm used to. 

Alli and Ian took turns measuring a couple scoops into the cupcake liners. 

I added a little bit of milk to get it a little closer to the consistency that I'm used to. 

The far left is the original recipe. Far right is with a little more milk. The middle is about the consistency I would expect from a cupcake mix. 

We're going to be making regular Funfetti cupcakes too. The kids are great at helping out. Ian cracked the eggs this time. 

Alli added the cupcake mix, while both kids mixed it up. 

The last time, we followed the box instructions and filled the cupcake liners halfway. The result was tiny little cupcakes, and who really wants that? This is supposed to make 18 cupcakes, but we filled 12 cupcakes instead to make them much bigger!

Alli's turn. Hey, I think that those cereal cupcakes are just about done! 

Hahahaha. Oh my. What a mess! These are still really wet after 20 minutes in the oven. I tossed them back into the oven for another 10 minutes. 

The real cupcakes versus the cupcakes made from cereal. 

Ian didn't think the cereal ones looked very good. I agree buddy, but it was fun to try it anyway. 

The kids got to work adding frosting to the cupcakes. 

And then BAM adding some sprinkles. 

I thought the cereal looked more like the confetti type sprinkles, so I grabbed jar of frosting. The sprinkles were not on the lid as much as I was expecting though. What a mess! That's okay, we'll use that. 

The ones in the front are the drier ones. The ones in the back were a lot more wet. 

The original Funfetti cupcakes next to the Funfetti cereal. Those look much better. 

The insides of everything. The Funfetti cupcakes are big and fluffy. The middle ones are the drier ones and are a bit crumbly. The ones that I made a lot more wet were a bit gummy. 

Time to eat them!

The cereal is just as delicious as it was before. It's done a really good job tasting like cake. 
Mommy was only interested in the regular cupcakes. She's not going to be adventurous and eat our experimental ones. 

Delicious like usual!

Now for the Funfetti Cereal cupcakes! They are... interesting. The texture is not good. It's not what I would consider a cupcake. It was almost like a flan. 

Thumbs up for the cereal and the original Funfetti cupcakes! 


  1. Ian's expression on tasting the cereal cupcakes told us how he felt about them :-) Interesting challenge to create cupcakes from the cereal...nice to see how they turned out based on the amount of milk added. Guess it's better to let the cereal remain as cereal and create Funfetti cupcakes from the mix, itself :-) Enjoyed seeing what the possibilities were! EOM

    1. Maybe with a little more research and experimentation I could have figured something out. We made an attempt and failed, but it was fun and it was a learning lesson.