Monday, March 22, 2021

Pizza at Home - Pretzel Pizza

For today's pizza at home, we're going to do something just a little different. Today's pizzas aren't going to be using regular pizza crust. No! These pizzas are going to be pretzel pizzas! 

And it's not like we haven't made pretzels before. We made Auntie Anne's Pretzels at home about a year ago, but this year I'm mixing it up just a little bit!
It starts with the recipe for the pretzels themselves. Once again we're using the recipe for Almost-Famous Soft Pretzels. I used the stand mixer a bit more this time to knead everything together this time. 

I let the dough rise and then split them into dough balls. 

I could have certainly topped a pretzel with pepperonis and called it a day, but I've done it before and I wanted to try something new. I'm making some stuffed pretzels! I flattened pretzel dough quite a bit so I could wrap up my filling. 

For my first filling, I'm making a stuffed mozzarella cheese pretzel! I made little logs out of cheese and made sure to offset it to one side. I'm not sure if this is the normal way to make stuffed pretzels at home, but I want to make sure I get that cheese sealed inside. 

First I folded the dough over and sealed it. That's 1 layer of dough on the outside. 

Then I rolled it up, which made another 2 layers or so around the cheese. This will for sure be sealed up. 

I pinched it together to seal it, rolled it a few times, and then it was time to twist. 

Looks great!

I certainly could have stopped at 1 filled pretzel, but I've got other things in mind. There's more than one thing you can put in a pizza pretzel. I love Hawaiian pizza, so I'm going to make a Hawaiian pretzel too! 
It started with lots of pineapple chunks that I diced very finely. I then threw it into a hot pan to bake off a lot of the excess water. 

Using the same technique, I made a layer of pineapple and then rolled it up in a similar manner as before. 

For my third filled pretzel, yes why not three, I'm going for a sauce filled pretzel. I rolled the dough like usual, but this time I brushed it with oil to hopefully keep the sauce from absorbing into the dough too much and making it soggy and wet. 

I attempted to pipe it out. 

But things got a little messy. I was still able to roll everything up and get everything sealed. 

The cheese-filled pretzel is topped with mozzarella and pepperoni. The pineapple-filled pretzel is topped with ham of course. The sauce-filled pretzel is topped with just cheese. And I'm making a few more pretzels too. That's a plain one right there on the bottom. 

Alli wanted to help out, so I had her dip my twisted pretzels into the baking soda water. 

Thanks Alli!

These are looking great coming out of the oven! 

Who doesn't love a fresh hot pretzel? And these are even better because they're pizza!

The cheese-stuffed pretzel turned out really well. Love that extra cheese layer with it. 

Did the Hawaiian pretzel work? Absolutely it did! 

The sauce-filled pretzel was good, but it was certainly messy. Just trying to take a bite, sauce was squirting out everywhere. 

My plate has all three different kinds of filled pretzels. I topped the Hawaiian with just a few more pineapple pieces, and I gave a nice dollop of pizza sauce in the center. Everyone enjoyed the pretzels tonight and even though I made a double batch of pretzels, there was nothing left! 

The kids enjoyed it too! Alli loved the sauce-filled pretzel because the girl loves bread and pizza sauce! Today was a fun take on Pizza Pretzels!


  1. What a CREATIVE take on Pretzel Pizzas!...Great idea!...the different stuffed pizzas held up well and baked well...yum, yum! I can imagine Alli taking a bite of the sauce one and then having sauce squirt out, causing her to break out in uncontrollable giggles :-) Would cooked pepperoni have worked as a stuffing?...just wondering since Ian is such a pepperoni person (he'd get a pepperoni in every bite then!). EOM

    1. I'm sure pepperoni would have worked well inside the pretzel too. I was even thinking about taking it a step farther and mixing the topping, sauce, and cheese all up in a filling and putting it inside. Things to think about for next time I suppose!