Monday, March 1, 2021

Pizza at Home - BBQ Ribs and Caramelized Onion Pizza

Sunday is pizza day and I'm looking forward to this one! I've done so many variations on pizza over the last year that I'm surprised I hadn't done this one yet. One of the meals that I make that always gets rave reviews are my BBQ Ribs. They're fall-off-the-bone tender and so very tasty. I think they would go great on a pizza! And I think a few caramelized onions would go perfect with it! 

I need to make a few caramelized onions. They freeze really well, so I'm going to make a whole bunch. Ten should do it. 

Using my absolute biggest pan, I lightly coated the onions in oil, added some salt, and a little sugar. Then  it was time to apply heat and stir. There's so many onions it's overflowing the pan! These are going to take a long time.
Start time: 11:30am. 

I don't care to get watery eyes when I'm cutting onions. These goggles have a place in our kitchen drawer for just these types of occasions. I didn't realize how bad it was getting until Alli said her eyes were hurting while she was eating lunch. They continued their meal outside.  

The smell is amazing. I let the family have "samples" and it was very well received. 

These have cooked down quite a bit from when they were overflowing the pot. 
Time check: 1:27pm. 
Nearly 2 hours since I started them. 

For dinner the night before we had those delicious ribs I mentioned. I made sure to set some aside for pizza day the next day. The bones pulled right out, and I was able to get a few slices of meat for our pizza. 

Being such a beautiful weekend, the kids wanted to head back to the beach. That means we're going on a long walk! For the day, Ian wanted to walk further than any of our previous walking days. We set a goal of walking a 10k (6.2 miles) and finished the day with 6.5 miles! 

The kids love playing in the water and the sand. 

And on the way home they played at the park for 45 minutes!

And they love when there's swings. 

My pizza dough is read for its second rise. That yeast is really active!

For my BBQ ribs pizza, I'm starting with a BBQ sauce base instead of a tomato sauce base. 

A little bit of mozzarella and good slices of ribs. 

Throw on some caramelized onions and parmesan and that's going to be a tasty pizza. 

Along with my pizza, Theresa wanted a tasty Napa Rose Signature Pizzetta too. 

That's looking amazing. 

My first plate. 
Richard and I both agreed, this BBQ Rib pizza is so good! It's going on my list of favorites! 


  1. What a delicious new idea for Pizza Sunday...BBQ Rib pizza! With the fall-off-the-bone tender rib meat plus caramelized onions, it had to be good! Surprised the onion gas carried so far into the eating area that Alli's eyes were idea to keep those goggles handy. Those caramelized onions certainly took quite a while to cook...much patience in seeing that big pot through. EOM

    1. I can start to see why T likes pizzas without tomato sauce. It lets you be a little more adventurous on the other flavors that go into the pizza. I still love tomato sauce, but a little variety now and then is great to mix things up.