Monday, March 8, 2021

Pizza at Home - Bacon Pizza

It's Sunday night and it's time for another Pizza made at home! Tonight I'm doing a pizza based on one of the tastiest things on earth. Bacon! Salty, savory, and smokey, bacon is pretty delicious! Tonight I'm going to use it as inspiration for a pizza! 

It actually started the day before. We made breakfast for dinner and part of that was cooking up some bacon. 

I kept the bacon grease for use the next day. I strained out the chunky bits until it was just the grease. 

My pizza dough recipe calls for 2 Tbs of canola oil. I'm going to substitute bacon grease instead of that oil to see if it makes a difference. But first, this needs to turn back into a liquid after being in the refrigerator. 

A quick trip to the microwave and it's ready to do again. 

The grease still has a smokey bacon smell to it. I'm hoping it'll come through in the crust. 

I could have gone with a standard tomato sauce base, but we're experimenting tonight. To counter the salty of the bacon, I'm going with some sweet caramelized onions along with some roasted garlic. 

Mix that together into a paste and spread onto the pizza dough. 

For the bacon, I am making some bacon crumbles as well as bacon strips. You don't want to have these fully cooked before going onto the pizza. It's going to cook a bit more in the oven when the pizzas are baking at 550F. 

There we go! Ready for the oven!

For my second pizza of the night, everyone is getting what they want. One third for Rich & Chi, one third for me, and one third for Theresa. Can you guess which is Theresa's? 

And I don't know who was in charge of cutting up toppings, but they estimated a whole lot more to put on 1/3 of a pizza than I would have. 

But in the end, everyone got what they were wanting. 

Only the two pizzas in the front were on the table to start, and Ian was wondering if they were going to get a pizza just for them also. I got you covered buddy. Don't worry. 
To add a little more sweetness to my bacon pizza, I'm going to have a balsamic vinegar drizzle for those who want it. 

My bacon pizza turned out great!

I even made a bacon rose to cover that awkward spot in the middle. 

The three-flavored pizza came out great. I gave the dough some good time to rise after prepping the pizzas so there's good crust on all of them. 

And for the kids, it's exactly what they're looking for. Light cheese and tons of pepperoni for Ian. Alli just wants tomatoey bread. 

Time to dig in. Yum!

My plate tonight. 

Delicious! The onions and garlic complemented the bacon well. The balsamic might have been a little overwhelming, since it's such a strong flavor already, but I still used it to dip my crust in. 
And speaking of the crust, I tasted it without any toppings or anything else. Try as I might, I couldn't discern any of the bacon flavoring as a result of the bacon grease. Oh well. It was a tasty experiment! 


  1. Another experiment that came out tasty...surprised the bacon grease didn't add even a tinge of its flavor. What a cute bacon rose surrounded by the bacon petals...the combo of caramelized onions and roasted garlic was a great flavor enhancer. Did anyone else try the bacon pizza? P.S. Great 3 photos in MC depicting "The Perfect Disney Day!" EOM

    1. I was surprised too. Perhaps if I got a bacon that had a stronger flavor in the first place. All the adults tried the bacon pizza. Richard never has any complaints about pizza. People thought it was tasty but there's other pizzas we enjoy more.
      Thanks! I thought it was a fun request on Micechat for what your Perfect Disney Day would be.

  2. Curiosity questions (from someone who doesn't bake and cooks only to survive :-) ): What would happen to the dough if cooked bacon bits (lots of them) are added to the dough mixture (i.e., "folded in" after the "mixing" part was done)? Would its rising be negatively affected? Would those bits add more bacon flavor when the oil couldn't? Also, since you really like bacon, how about stuffing the crust with fully cooked bacon slices (halved lengthwise to limit its volume) if you decide to do the bacon pizza again? Anyways, just some thoughts that popped into my mind today. EOM

    1. I think the bacon pieces in the crust would work pretty well. Perhaps a future bacon pizza will happen with these suggestions.