Sunday, February 21, 2021

All the Funfetti Items I can find Taste Test Comparison

What's the funnest cupcake you can eat? That's easy! Funfetti is made with 100% Real Fun!

This giant Funfetti comparison has been in the works for a long time. Over the summer of 2020, Pillsbury announced a few brand new Funfetti products and it was then that I came up with the idea of a big combined taste test. One weekend in February I decided it was finally time to stop the searching and finally do it! 

There are so many Funfetti things here it's a little ridiculous. Today we're having:
1. Funfetti Premium Cake Mix with Candy Bits
2. Funfetti Strawberry Cake Mix with Candy Bits
3. Funfetti Chocolate Cake Mix with Candy Bits
4. Funfetti Chocolate Brownie Mix with Candy Coated Chips
5. Funfetti Sugar Cookie Mix with Candy Bits
6. Funfetti Cookie Mix with Chocolate Candy Bits
7. Funfetti Vanilla Cake flavored Morsels with Rainbow Funfetti
8. Funfetti Edible Cookie Dough with Candy Sprinkles
9. Funfetti Cereal 
10. Funfetti Buttermilk Pancake Mix with Candy Bits
11. Funfetti Vanilla Frosting
12. Funfetti Confetti Vanilla Frosting

This picture was the first time I assembled everything in one place and really saw just how much stuff we're going to be trying today. It doesn't even fit cleanly in my light box as-is, let along when I finally make everything and try to get a giant combined picture. 

Hey Alli, do you want to help me bake a whole bunch of things this morning? 
Of course she does. She ran off and put on clothes inspired by Funfetti along with the apron she got for Christmas. 

While it would be fun to make the entire package of each and every one of these things, we would be left with so much extra food. Instead, I decided to make a partial amount of everything. Using the scale, we split the Funfetti Sugar Cookie mix in half. This should still make 8 cookies. 
The candy bits are mixed in with along with all the sugar cookie mix, so I'm not very confident that they're going to float to the top like the picture on the package shows. 

The same was true with the regular Funfetti Cookie Mix. All the Chocolate Candy Bits are mixed in with the rest of the ingredients. 

Alli took one bowl and I took another. We mixed an egg and butter into it, then used the kitchen scale to precisely weigh out each of the cookies. 

Our first items are ready to go into the oven! 

I think this was the halfway point where I rotated the cookies. Alli was nice enough to snap a picture of me. 

Our next item is this Funfetti Brownie Mix. I don't have a smaller pan to split this one up, so I'm going to make the entire thing. Ah, and for this one the Candy Coated Chips are in a separate bag. 

Together we measured out the oil and water. Then Alli cracked both of the eggs. She's getting so good that I'm going to start teaching her how to separate the yolks and the whites next. 

The box says to stir it 50 times, so I took the first 25 while Alli counted it out, and she took the second 25. 

I showed Alli a trick that you can do with parchment paper to build a sling that goes underneath the brownies. That'll make sure they don't stick and come out super easy. 

That looks good, but it's missing something important. 

All the Funfetti sprinkles! That baked for 45 minutes and made the house smell wonderfully chocolatey. 

Next Alli and I made the Strawberry and Vanilla Funfetti cupcakes. Alli chose to make the pink ones first because it's her favorite color. When I cut open the bag of cake mix it had a very strong strawberry flavor that we both loved. We noticed that her "Be Unique" unicorn on her apron looks a lot with the unicorn on the box. 

Hey Ian! He came to join us to make the Chocolate Funfetti cupcakes. 

Alli is making sure that he measures the right amount into the bowl. 

Along with our Funfetti Vanilla Cake morsels is a recipe for making Fun-Tastic Funfetti Cookies. It uses all the regular cookie ingredients along with cream cheese. That should be tasty enough. I made a half recipe because I didn't want to use the entire bag of morsels all at ones. I told Alli that it made 3 dozen cookies and she was able to work out that we'd be getting 18 cookies out of the batter we're making. I love when math has practical applications!

Alli mixed all the ingredients together in the bowl. 

Even with half the morsels it seemed like there were way too many to mix into the cookie dough. 

Once again, Alli and I used the scale to evenly split the cookie dough into even portions. 

Once everything finished baking it went to the kitchen table to cool off. With all these sweets, the house is smelling amazing. This collection of Vanilla, Strawberry, and Chocolate looks like Neapolitan Ice Cream. But we can't leave them like this! These are Funfetti cupcakes and they all need their Funfetti Frosting!

Alli has been a part of everything this morning so you know she's going to be helping out with the frosting of the cupcake too. Theresa and Alli working on frosting them all. 

Okay so here's the one place I cheated a little bit. Chocolate Fudge Funfetti Frosting totally exists, but in all my time I couldn't find it. Pillsbury does make a Chocolate Fudge Frosting without the Funfetti chips, which is exactly the same. I just couldn't let my Chocolate cupcakes be topped with anything except chocolate frosting, so I went this route, using the Confetti sprinkles from a Vanilla Frosting package instead. 

Referencing the pictures on the front of the boxes, we matched up type of sprinkles to the types of cupcakes. 

There's just one more thing I have to make, and I did it right before we kicked off the taste test. Pancakes are always better when they're fresh! 

That is a whole lot of Funfetti things Alli. Great job mixing and baking everything today! You are awesome!

With something this big, and having to smell it the whole day, everyone was ready and excited to start the taste test. 

Alli, you were the one who helped out most in the kitchen today. I think it's only fair that you start us off. Which are we trying first? 
In a surprise move, she chose the Funfetti Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate Fudge Confetti frosting. Oh yeah, that was a good substitution with the chocolate frosting. It matches the box wonderfully. 

The chocolate cake mix has candy bits mixed into the batter, so there's fun both inside and out. 

I sliced the cupcakes into quarters and everyone took a taste. These chocolate cupcakes are pretty delicious. Pillsbury certainly knows how to make a cupcake. 

Moving around the table, Ian got to choose next. Perhaps it was because Alli used her choice for him, because he decided to pick the pink Funfetti Strawberry cupcakes. 
I saw that there was Unicorn Funfetti frosting, but it was vanilla flavored, the same as this. Only difference is that it had unicorn sprinkles like the picture, but for this taste test, I've already spent a bit of money. I didn't need something that was the same flavor as two of my other tubs of frosting. To us, it looked like a combination of confetti sprinkles and regular sprinkles, so we used that to top them. 

The pink color stands out very well, and I can see orange and purple candy bits in the batter. 

It smells very much like artificial strawberry, and if you like that sort of thing, these are for you. 

Next in line was Chi. She's been eyeballing the Funfetti Pancakes. I made these pancakes a couple different ways. The first was made in a regular pan on the stovetop. I made it a little thicker so it would be extra fluffy like the photo. For the second, I was curious what it would be like if they were baked. I heated the oven to 425 and placed a similar dollop onto the baking sheet. They definitely turned out different! The ones on the stovetop cooked up nicely. The ones in the oven look like cookies! 

We've got to try them with syrup. 

Mmm, these pancakes are delicious. They taste like regular pancakes, maybe a little sweeter, though when you add the syrup, the sweetness of the pancake itself doesn't really matter. The candy bits make it fun though. 

The candy bits are spread throughout the pancakes nicely. We voted unanimously that the pancakes cooked on the stovetop were much better than the ones cooked inside the oven. The ones in the oven were a little more tough. 

For our next item, Richard chose the Original Funfetti Vanilla Cupcake. 

The vanilla cake has sprinkles mixed throughout, plus there's vanilla frosting and even more sprinkles on top. 

There's a reason Funfetti is so popular, and it's not just the sprinkles. This cake is moist and super flavorful. The sprinkles just make it even more desirable. 

It's Theresa's turn to choose and there was no question which one she was going to pick. Brownies are one of her favorite treats anyway, so these Funfetti Brownies were on the top of her list of things to try. Of all the baked things we made today, I think the brownies look the most similar to the picture on the box. The Candy Coated chips are on top and they're bright and colorful. 

I cut everyone a slice which included a little bit of the edge and some of the middle. 

Yum! These are really good! And I love the candy coated chip crunch that goes along with it. 

My turn to pick. This was one of the items I had the most difficulty finding. It's Funfetti Edible Cookie Dough with Candy Sprinkles! Look at the label. Apparently this is made with 100% Real Fun!

This is what it looked like before I scooped it. This edible cookie dough has lots of sprinkles mixed into it. And the serving container looks like a pint of ice cream. 

I know you're not supposed to eat regular cookie dough. Not just because of the raw eggs, but also because of the raw flour. This edible cookie dough is made with flour, but it's been pasteurized to be safe for consumption. It tasted just like I thought it should have. I've eaten a bit of regular cookie dough and it's got the texture and flavor I'm looking for. The sprinkles were a little gummy which detracted a little from it, but overall I liked it. 

Back around to Alli. She wants to dig into those homemade cookies that we made out of the Funfetti Vanilla Cake Morsels. I said the Brownies looked a lot like the packaging. Surprisingly these cookies we made from scratch from the recipe on the back of the package look a lot like the cookie on the front here too!

As I passed out the cookies, Ian and Alli reached for the plate and grabbed the same piece of cookie. 

And got a pretty big kick out of it. 
As for the cookies themselves, they were a pretty great recipe. Freshly baked cookies are always tasty, and these morsels are also pretty good. 

Sticking with the cookie theme, Ian wanted to try the Funfetti Cookies with Chocolate Candy Bits in them. They look like little M&Ms to me. Unsurprisingly the chocolate candies did not float to the top surface of the cookie. The package is not a good indication of that the final cookie looks like. You wouldn't even guess that these are Funfetti if you saw them. Well maybe they'll still taste okay. 

What I said above about freshly baked cookies always being tasty. Scratch that. There was something about these cookies that we just didn't like. I'm sure if you had these cookies by themselves, they'd be just fine. But after tasting all these other yummy sweet things, these just stood out. 

Here's one that I was not able to find locally. Thankfully my brother in Colorado is always looking out for me. These made their in a care package from Colorado to California. We'll taste them here, but don't be surprised if they make a more in-depth appearance in another post. 

The cereal itself is covered in sprinkles of all colors. 

And as far as the taste goes, it was surprising. It tasted so much like a cupcake. Really delicious! 

Last up are these Funfetti Sugar Cookies with Candy Bits. Once again, the candy bits have not magically floated to the top of the cookie. At least the sprinkles show through the sugar cookie dough a little bit better. 

Thankfully these sugar cookies taste a lot better than those other cookies.

Wow, I am stuffed from trying all those different Funfetti things. I knew it was going to be a lot, but this was something even for me. Alli was wondering how much this taste test cost. Eh, we don't talk about such things. 

Time to pick our favorites and least favorites. 

Alli - Favorite is Funfetti Vanilla Cupcake, 2nd favorite is the Funfetti Strawberry Cupcake, Least favorite is Funfetti Edible Cookie Dough
Ian - Favorite is the Funfetti Vanilla Cupcake, Least favorite is Funfetti Edible Cookie Dough
Chi - Favorite is the Funfetti Vanilla Cupcake, 2nd favorite is the Funfetti Pancake, Least favorite is the Funfetti Edible Cookie Dough

But Chi, you didn't even try the Cookie Dough! How can you say it's your least favorite? After trying the tiniest bit, she said she didn't like it, and her choice was still the same. 

Richard - Favorite is the Funfetti Pancake, 2nd favorite is the Funfetti Vanilla Cupcake. Least favorite is the Funfetti Cookie Dough. 
Theresa - Favorite is the Funfetti Brownies, 2nd favorite is the Funfetti Vanilla Cupcake. Least favorite is the Funfetti Cookie with Chocolate Candy Bits.
Joe - Favorite is the Funfetti Brownies, 2nd favorite is the Funfetti Vanilla Cupcake. Least favorite is the Funfetti Cookie with Chocolate Candy Bits.

Clearly the Funfetti Vanilla Cupcakes are delicious, coming in 1st or 2nd for every single person here.  

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  1. What a Funfetti Fest! many different things to try, and so colorful. That was a lot of baking for this taste test...nice job baking team! The Vanilla cupcakes seem like the overall winner in your household. I was surprised the cereal tasted like a cupcake...expecting it to be kind of bland (sure fooled me). Very interesting look for the pancake baked in the oven...quite a difference in texture and appearance compared to the stovetop version. I think I'm in Chi's corner with the cookie didn't look appetizing enough to even try :-) Alli's getting pretty good with those math concepts (36/2 = 18 cookies) fun for her to see it in action in the kitchen. P.S. Liked the Funfetti "framed" graphic...looked so colorful and festive! EOM