Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Making Disney's Blue Bayou at Home! - In honor of Fat Tuesday and the start of Mardi Gras - Linking MiceChat

Guess who is a Brand New Author on the Disney fan site This guy!

I've been a reader of MiceChat for years, watching all the news updates and posting things to the forums. I was contacted and asked if I'd like to contribute as an Author! Totally!

Check out my very first article - 

Making Disneyland Blue Bayou Classics at Home: Monte Cristo, Mint Juleps, Beignets & Gumbo!

Ruston was there with us in spirit if not in person.


  1. Joe, the new MiceChat author!...congrats on being asked, and delivering a delicious first article! That was a lot of work but worth it at the end. So grand to have Pirates of the Caribbean music in the background...what a perfect accompaniment to complete the meal. Hey Ian, those jelly-filled beignets look extra yummy! Looking forward to the next article on MC! EOM

    1. It was so exciting to get asked!
      It's fun to have a theme with the dinner to plan around.
      Now I've got to keep those creative juices flowing! I've got a few ideas rattling around already. I've got some fun things in mind.