Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Snacks for Dinner?

As a general rule, we try not to do too much snacking. Some of the meals we make are pretty rich, so we don't need those extra calories. But after avoiding snacking for so long, it was Theresa who declared that tonight for dinner, it's all snacks!

For our "healthy" snacks, a plate full of cucumbers, carrots, olives, pretzels, hummus, and peanut butter. My personal favorite are these pretzels dipped in peanut butter. It rivals the Trader Joe's pretzel nuggets that I love so much. 

Oh yeah! This is my kind of plate. Ritz crackers, sharp cheddar cheese, pepperoni, ham, deer sticks, and deer jerky. 

For the less healthy desserts, I see Godiva chocolates, Dove Peppermint Bark, fruit snacks, 2 kinds of popcorn, and frosted strawberry Pop-Tarts. 

And we can't forget the Pringles. Sour Cream and Onion are our favorite. No really, we tried 19 different flavors of Pringles at one time and these were the kids' favorite

They loaded their plates with snacks, and split the veggie plate between the two of them. I'm glad they love their vegetables. 

Even if I don't...

These pretzels are fantastic though. I've forgotten how much I've enjoyed these. 

And because it's not so formal of a meal, go ahead and play with your food. Alli used chips, olives, and veggie sticks to build a house. After dinner, we took the rest of our snacks and watched another movie that's about finding food, a Disney/Pixar movie called The Good Dinosaur. I remember watching it when it first came out and didn't think too much of it. Watching it with the kids now, we all enjoyed it!


  1. Hooray for the "healthy" snack tray, too :-)...and the cheese on the cheese tray is also a good choice...peanut butter and pretzels sound like a great combo, too. Once in a while, going on "cooking" hiatus is a stress reliever and a way to break out of the routine...looks like a variety of snacks for different palates which makes it so much better and fun to eat (glad the kids enjoy their veggies...I know I wasn't as enthused with veggies at their age :-) ) EOM

    1. I'm amazed at how well they eat veggies too. Especially Alli. She'll eat a bunch of broccoli and then ask for seconds.