Thursday, February 18, 2021

Mug Root Beer Ice Pops

Tonight's taste test happens to be another Dollar Store find. They do have some interesting things that I haven't seen anywhere else. Tonight we'll be tasting Mug Root Beer Ice Pops. 

And it wouldn't be a Flowers taste test if we didn't taste Mug Root Beer along with it. 
Looks like each pop has 35 calories, and hmm, there's 3 pops per serving? I've seen that before. 
Ah, these are made by The Ziegenfelder Company, the same company that made those horrible Froot Loops Ice Pops. Those were terrible. Let's cross our fingers and hope that these are better. 

These pops seem to be individually wrapped, but the ends of plastic for the two pops are stuck together.  

We're all set and ready to go. Root Beer Ice Pop in one hand, and glass of iced Root Beer in the other. 

First up are the Ice Pops. Oh yes, there are so much better than the Froot Loops Ice Pops. They actually taste like Root Beer. 

They don't get soda very often. 

And so they always like it when they get it. After reading the front of the Root Beer bottle, we got into a brief discussion of what "No Caffeine" means, what caffeine is, what it does, and why people drink it. 

Alli - Can we have Root Beer floats? 
Eh... okay. We can have a comparison of what's our favorite. 

Going around the room, Ian's favorite was the Ice Pops. He likes that they're crunchy. 
I like the Root Beer float, since it's creamy along with having good root beer flavor. 
Alli likes all of them. Not a surprise. 


  1. Hooray...Root Beer Ice Pops that taste like root beer!! Good to see the ice pops didn't disappoint like the Froot Loops ones. A root beer float sounds good, too, since I like the taste of root beer :-) EOM

  2. GameSolit Says, This is a certified MUG MOMENT

  3. Certified mug moment

  4. Where can I find these????

    1. We found them at our local Dollar Store.