Wednesday, February 3, 2021

National Carrot Cake Day - February 3rd

It's National Carrot Cake Day

Theresa made up a box of this Super Moist Carrot Cake and we called it a day! It's even got Imitation Carrot Flavored Pieces! That's good enough for us, right? Right? 
In my best Balki Bartokomous impersonation - Well, of course not, don't be ridiculous. (and if you get that reference, congratulations)
Imitation carrot pieces. Seriously? 
Theresa found and followed the recipe for Nothing Bundt Cake's Carrot Cake Copycat from That one uses a cup of fresh carrot. 

Shredded via the mandolin. 

Don't have crushed pineapple? Make your own from fresh pineapple. 

Along with the carrot cake mix, she added a package of vanilla pudding, a cup of sour cream, egg yolks, oil, and water, plus the carrots and pineapple. 

Then after I whipped up the egg whites into a foam, Theresa folded them into the batter. 

This bundt cake pan comes in handy all the time. 

After 45 minutes at 350F, the toothpick came out clean. 

The house was smelling wonderful, even causing Richard to come downstairs to ask what was cooking. It's got to sit and cool before we can enjoy it. 

After dinner, Theresa made a batch of cream cheese frosting using that again for the ingredients. Only difference, based on experience, is that we're making a half portion of their recipe. I think they got a little frosting crazy, suggesting 1 lb of cream cheese and 4 cups of powdered sugar. 

You can see that a half recipe covered plenty and there was quite a bit leftover. 

Looks beautiful Theresa! I like the thick and thin lines. 

The kids have been waiting patiently for it. 

After cutting him a slice, Theresa asked Ian if he wanted just a little more icing on it. 

Alli inspecting the results, hoping that her slice will look similar. 

Now that's a carrot cake. No imitation carrot flavored pieces here. Real carrot shreds throughout the cake. 

Nice work Theresa! It was delicious!

It's kid approved. Happy National Carrot Cake Day!


  1. When I read "National Carrot Cake Day" I knew I was in for a treat...definitely not disappointed!...sounds and looks moist, and most importantly, tastes delicious. Like the frosting design using the thin "looping" pattern at various lengths while intermixed with the single solid it a more natural, artsy look. Nice job, Theresa! Entire house smelled yummy as the cake baked! EOM

    1. With so many of these things we make at home, the house takes on a fantastic smell. Just a side benefit that also comes with eating all this tasty food.